Top 5 Ways Travel and Expense Management Solutions Can Help Companies

ANUSREE BHATTACHARYA | December 23, 2020

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A recent study stated that the travel industry faced an estimated $519 billion loss in 2020 due to the pandemic. Some of the challenges that most companies came across are managing travel expenses, maintaining travel and expense process flow, using the right expense management solutions, and more. As the travel industry is getting back in business, it is overcoming challenges sturdily.

To simplify travel and expenses process flow, managers need instant and effective travel and expense management solutions to organize travel plans, submit expense reports, and control overspending on their travels. Before you dive into details about solutions that can improve the travel and expenses process flow and logistics of your company, here is a brief about travel and expense management solutions.

An Overview: Travel and Expense Management Solutions

Travel and expense management solutions are only relevant businesses that need to control the travel-related expenses of their employees. These solutions help you in understating the integrated spend data and deliver a better user experience. Other than this, these solutions can also help with:
  • Making clearer and smarter data-driven decisions

  • Encouraging policy compliance automatically into travel and expense process flow
  • Saving time to collect data from expense reports automatically
  • Simplifying budgeting
  • Forecasting a more accurate data of the spend

How Can You Streamline Your Travel and Expense Management Process?

Automated travel management software can help your employees and finance team use the travel and expense management solutions for their benefit. But how? Here are the reasons to support:
Employees could:
  • Effortlessly manage receipts and submits the details of corporate travel
  • Submit digital travel and expenses report instantly using a centralized travel and expense software
  • Maintain compliance with the existing reimbursement policy for corporate travel and expenses in your company

Finance teams could:
  • They can create transparency in corporate spending reports by using travel management software and its automatic function.

  • They can have better control over their travel expenses.

5 Ways Travel and Expense Management Solutions Can Help Companies

Travel and expense management solutions give all travel and expense management services easy access to align in one place. By doing this, you will be able to gain more control over services and enforce compliance. Here are five ways your business can effortlessly adopt new travel and expense management solutions and help you win challenges faced during the pandemic.

Review the Selected Solutions

Before you implement a travel and expense management system, it is vital to review preferred travel and expense management solutions that your business requires. This will help the travel expenses workflow align seamlessly and make employees understand what it takes to manage the entire travel expense scenario accurately.

Conduct Surveys

If you are going to switch the old travel expenses method and adapting advanced travel and expense management solutions, it is crucial to survey the users who have used the solution and know its performance. This survey will help your employees to know if the chosen travel management software suits your requirements. The next step is to keep an eye on the most frequent and critical users, which will help you to have a clear insight into new trends that are being followed in terms of managing the workflow efficiently. By this, you can also implement it in your company. It also helps identify where your process needs refinement to facilitate efficiency in the expense management system.

Prioritize the Must-haves

The next step should include the collected input from the survey for setting up the foundation of priority of needs. In this case, creating a checklist is an ideal option. Prioritizing the best travel management software with apt travel and expense management solutions according to your workflow can help you select the right travel expense software for your organization.

You can select travel and expense management solutions that consist of:

  • Report building automation
  • Auto fill options
  • Remote access
  • User-friendly interface
  • Helpful support
  • Mobile functionality
  • Quick international payment

Introduce Demo Sessions

If you use an advanced global travel and expense management system, it is recommended to provide demo sessions of the preferred travel and expense management solutions to your team. The demo sessions could be an opportunity for your team to witness travel and expense management services created from reputable travel management software in action. With this, you can know about a host of details about the implementation of travel expense software, integrations, user training, travel and expense process, and its flow. This contributes towards the successful adoption of a travel expense system and proves the abilities of the travel and expense management solutions selected by you to scale your business as it grows.

Choose a Solution

Once you have organized multiple demo sessions of various global travel and expense management solutions, it's time to choose the best travel expenses management software that fits your company's culture and requirements. Take a good look at the pros and cons of the final travel expense planner you consider for integrated expense management solutions to combat your existing challenges. Being cautious while choosing the right global travel and expense management solutions will benefit your employees, and they will be able to use it for the company's advantage at a much faster pace.

Frequently Asked Questions

What you should know about expense management software?

Here are some benefits of an expense management software:
  • Ease of access
  • Minimum manual intervention
  • Higher cost savings
  • Faster reimbursements
  • Eco-friendly process (no paperwork)
  • A simple process that simplifies workflow
  • Encourages errorless work and delays

Your employees can find the best travel and expense management solutions using various expense travel management software. 

How to manage travel expenses?

There are several travel and expense management solutions to manage travel expenses. Here are some ways in which you can manage your travel expenses:
  • Keep a track of expense details
  • Plan ahead before setting a policy
  • Stay aware of the policies
  • Have an effective approval process of expense
  • Organize spend data

Why use an expense management software?

An expense management software helps a business ease expense reporting, manage other aspects, and deliver the right travel and expense management solutions. It offers efficient workflow to the finance teams while recording expenses, data, approvals, controlling costs, and more.

What are the most crucial features to manage expenses?

The most crucial features to manage expenses are:
  • Real-time policy checks
  • The seamless expense reporting process
  • Digital audits
  • Advanced level of data analyses
  • Easy approval process


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5 Reasons the BMW Performance Center West is a Business Itinerary Imperative

Article | August 26, 2020

With the travel and tourism sector having taken a gut punch this year amid coronavirus concerns, many business groups and professionals are seeking new and innovative ways to enjoy memorable team events, proffer inspiring staff incentives and have some impactful one-on-one with customers and clients particularly those activities that inherently facilitate large crowd avoidance. With that, I’ve found a fabulous option in the BMW Performance Center West. This permanent performance driver training facility, located in Thermal, California near Palm Springs, offers one-of-a-kind experiences for both business groups and individuals that are taught by BMW professional driving instructors on a private course. With up to 5.1 miles of expansive track layouts, the facility offers various driving programs and schools allowing participants to get behind the wheel of “the Ultimate Driving Machine” and learn key skills. Things like proper vision, basic car control, panic braking, handling, last-minute emergency lane changing, distracted driving, high-speed control and precision driving are all taught. Plus, it’s just plain old adrenaline-inducing fun. The facility, which opened in 2015, offers various driving solutions for people of all ages and capabilities, and they also have special programs and meeting space for private and corporate groups. So, your entire department or company at large can get in on the action! There are multiple one- and two-day driving schools and experiences, private instruction, customizable events and the opportunity to experience the expansive, luxurious facility in either BMW or MINI vehicles. Here are my top five reasons why this facility is a must-visit vacation destination, with the finer details courtesy of the BMW Performance Center West: 1. Private Instruction in the latest and greatest models Instruction at the facility encompasses the full line of the newest BMW and MINI vehicles. In fact, there are reportedly over 100 new models available for activities at the BMW Performance Center West. Also notable is the fact that all BMW driving experiences and schools are taught by professional BMW Driving Instructors, many of whom are professional race car drivers with dozens of wins. They even hold two world records: Longest Drift in eight hours (232.5 miles) and Longest Tandem Drift (39.25 miles). These BMW Professional Driving instructors teach you how to handle your vehicle in challenging situations and conditions including accident avoidance, cornering, drifting, car control, braking and more. A skidpad allows drivers to feel oversteer and understeer, simulating hydroplaning or driving on black ice and providing the opportunity to learn how to handle those situations. The skidpad also provides advanced drivers with the thrilling experience of drifting. The tight performance track offers plenty of opportunity to learn how to control a vehicle at various speeds and cornering situations. Drivers can definitely satisfy their need for speed and excitement on one of the four tracks and experience driving scenarios they’ve only ever seen in the movies. 2. A variety of track experiences are available In addition to BMW-dedicated tracks and a polished wet skidpad, some classes take advantage of the FIA certified race tracks of The Thermal Club. There are three tracks there with a combined length of 5.1 miles. The North Palm track is 1.2 miles long, the Desert Palm track is 1.8 miles long, and the South Palm track is also 1.8 miles long. Their newly-opened Off-Road Track allows drivers to experience extreme angles in the BMW X-series vehicles, splashing through water obstacles, driving over bumpy off-road trails and more. The vertical angles are literally steeper than any street in San Francisco and the visual sensation is amazing. Drivers often say, “I didn’t know a car could do that!” 3. A range of performance driving experiences are offered Each BMW Performance Center West’s fun and action-packed driving programs delivers a robust experience that you’re sure not to forget. These include: -- BMW Performance Center Drive: This option packs a real punch with two intense and exhilarating driving sessions capped off with a Hot Lap by a Certified BMW instructor. -- M Track Drive: This is the perfect combination of machine and track with six hard-charging laps on one of the tracks of The Thermal Club pushing a BMW M3 or M4 to its limits. Featuring the facility’s most powerful and responsive vehicles, the M Track Drive will put you behind the wheel of an M car for six exhilarating laps on an FIA Certified racetrack. You’ll follow an instructor’s car for a warm-up lap and also learn the proper line for achieving the best time. Then, try to keep their car in your sights as speeds and g-forces increase, pushing your M car to its considerable limits. -- The Ultimate BMW Mixer / The Track Meet: This is a unique driving and dining experience that elevates gift-giving, business networking and client entertaining to a whole new level. It’s a great way to get a taste of what the group events can offer. The mixer is a half-day experience that includes a delicious chef-prepared lunch, three exhilarating driving sessions in a fleet of brand-new BMWs and a Hot Lap around the track with a BMW pro at the wheel. The afternoon is capped off at a private reception with hors d’oeuvres and beverages at the BMW Performance Center. If you do have business needs, the facility has meeting spaces with multimedia capabilities, site-wide Wi-Fi and both indoor and outdoor dining with a delicious catering menu. 4. Both one- and two-day car control schools are available Engage your senses and push through your comfort zone by learning vehicle handling, quick judgment and accident avoidance skills—all developed in a controlled environment with a BMW-certified instructor observing and coaching via radio. These include real-world driving conditions and scenarios—wet pavement, emergency braking and lane changes, distracted driving and more. For the two-day options, participants will build on and reinforce the skills and techniques learned on day one. More seat time and real-time feedback takes driving abilities to the next level. Day two is when things really “click” and safe driving instincts kick in. This is also the day participants will experience an Instructor Hot Lap. There are a wide range of driving school options at the BMW Performance Driving Center that are available to individuals and groups, alike. Below is a brief synopsis of each: -- Car Control School: Take the wheel of a BMW and head out to the track, where professional instructors will hone your driving skills. Understanding stability control, knowing what to do when a vehicle starts to slide on the wet skid-pad and practicing proper vision through the lane-change course will allow you to anticipate situations on a real road. Available as a one-day, or for even more in-depth instruction, two-day course. -- M School: Take the wheel of a high-performance BMW M vehicle and experience the power of M firsthand. Accelerate, corner and brake faster than you ever have before, then learn to maintain control in low traction conditions on the facility’s wet skidpad and keep 400 horsepower under control. End the day with a hot lap in an instructor-driven M vehicle. Available as a one-day, or for even more pulse-pounding excitement, a full two-day course. -- One-Day M School: Learn the theory, physics and mechanics of performance driving. M School builds confidence and consistency while perfecting control, handling, acceleration and braking techniques. -- Two-Day M School: Take everything you learned on day one and push “GO.” Slaloms, drifting, braking, cornering at optimum slip, full- and modified-time laps at speeds you’ve only dreamed of. -- Advanced M School: Game on. M School graduates are an elite class of driver. They’ve proven that they’ve got what it takes to handle the ultimate challenge: BMW’s Advanced M School, held for two full days at road course tracks with pro Instructors, is the closest you can get to a racing experience. -- MINI Motoring School: Take a John Cooper Works MINI Cooper and run it through an autocross course, lead/follow session and some stunt driving techniques, all under the watchful eye of a professional instructor. The mighty MINI will have you grinning from ear to ear all day long. -- MINI Tricks and Stunts School - The first half of the day gets you intimately familiar with the MINI’s handling and capabilities, but the fun meter gets cranked to 11 in the afternoon. They’ll cover silky smooth reverse donuts on the skidpad, J-turns and reverse turns. -- Teen School: There’s a lot for brand-new drivers to keep in mind and the BMW Teen School will allow them to experience how a vehicle feels at the limit in the safety of a closed environment. From wet skidpad exercises and panic braking to performing a double lane change, teens will leave with a solid foundation of vehicle control and a big smile. This option is available as either a one or two-day curriculum. 5. Amenities abound Set against a backdrop of breathtaking mountain views, the BMW Performance Center not only boasts a private course where only you can experience the Ultimate Driving Machine, but also a luxurious modern building, gourmet café, coffee bar and gift shop with exclusive merchandise that you cannot buy anywhere else. Customized corporate retreats and group events held at the BMW Performance Center are a refreshing change from the cliché team-building sessions. All programs are designed to improve dynamics, build trust and facilitate group communication. They have meeting spaces with Multimedia capabilities, site-wide Wi-Fi and indoor and outdoor dining space. In all, this is an unforgettable experience that also makes a great gift idea. With stay at home orders having been lifted, getting behind the wheel of a new BMW at the BMW Performance Center West is a “bucket list” excursion sure to leave you longing for more.

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Post-Pandemic Travel Planning: Planes, Trains & Automobiles

Article | January 21, 2021

It would be an understatement to say that the coronavirus pandemic has throttled the travel industry, but the luxury sector is resilient and coming back strong! As you plan safety-minded meanderings into and throughout the New Year, here are a few great options for perennial favorite modes of jet set travel. Travel to the Bottom of the Earth Premium private jet company Magellan Jets is working to keep its guests as safe as they are satisfied. The company has compiled a toolkit to help travelers stay healthy while navigating flu season and the continuing coronavirus crisis. Magellan Jets' curated collection of guides and expert tips outlines best practices and safety measures people should remember before taking their next flight. The healthy travel toolkit covers topics such as what travelers can do to prevent contracting the coronavirus, steps professional pilots take to ensure they don’t get sick while flying, as well as other helpful resources. Additionally, readers can learn how booking private jet travel for leisure or business can significantly decrease the risk of exposure to the coronavirus and other illnesses. Should this inspire you to get out of Dodge, consider a trip to the bottom of the Earth! Magellan Jets is now working in partnership with the industry-leading International Yacht Company (IYC) and White Desert to offer guests the trip of a lifetime to the South Pole, by way of Antarctica, to see the Emperor Penguins. This luxury 8-night adventure takes 12 guests at a time into the heart of Antarctica before venturing off to the South Pole. IYC and Magellan Jets are working diligently to ensure the safest, most purely private way to travel. Magellan Jets will fly guests to Cape Town, where they will spend the night at One & Only prior to departing for Antarctica with White Desert on a plane equipped with the latest avionics and ski-equipped for landing on snow. In Antarctica, guests will stay in state-of-the-art sleeping pods at Whichaway Camp where their experienced team of chefs, hosts and guides will take care of every detail, allowing you to relax and enjoy your surroundings. At the beginning of the adventure, guests fly 2 hours along the coast to an emperor penguin colony of over 14,000 breeding pairs and their newly hatched chicks. Tourists only rarely visit this colony and, as a consequence, witnessing these birds in their natural habitat is one of the most surreal experiences on earth. As you fly from Antarctica to the South Pole, you will experience a true sense of remoteness, for as far as the eye can see, the white horizon meets the pure blue sky. The South Pole, the bottom of the earth and the holy grail of early explorers. At the designated marker there is no more east, south or west on the planet, only north, and you will be able to walk around the world in just a few paces! Then you will fly back to their wilderness camp at 83ºS to overnight and join the select few who have ever spent a night in the beauty of the high polar plateau. You will be well looked after as you experience camping in one of the wildest places on earth. After a night spent as a true explorer, you will fly back to the main camp and celebrate your momentous journey. With up to only 12 clients on each adventure and professional polar explorers as your guides, the day’s itineraries are tailored to each individual. Make your choice from gentle treks and picnics overlooking the ice waves, to more adrenaline-fueled activities. After the trials and confinement of Covid-19, there is perhaps be no better place than Antarctica to escape, reflect and reignite your passion to explore. With limited group size, strict bio-security measures and the naturally inert landscape, Antarctica is one of the safest places to visit in 2020 and beyond. Travel Back in Time Oenophiles rejoice! Despite the pandemic and recent wildfires, Napa Valley is open and welcome visitors. While in this revered region, do yourself a favor and book a ride on the Napa Valley Wine Train. This isn’t so much a mode of transportation but rather a time machine transporting passengers back to an era when the journey was as scintillating as the destination, itself. Particularly well-suited for couples seeking quality together time, this excursion offers an elegant sojourn through the heart of Napa Valley in a refined, history-rich atmosphere befitting the lush countryside through which it passes. Duly complementing the drop-dead gorgeous vistas are gourmet victuals and varietals-a-plenty. The train itself is a wonder to behold. The expertly restored and maintained antique Pullman cars gleam with brass and Honduran mahogany while etched original glass and swanky armchairs evoke the early 20th century spirit of luxury travel. One of the few active historic passenger railroads remaining in the United States, the Napa Valley Wine Train offers a tempting variety of tours, events and packages, including gourmet dining experiences for both lunch and dinner. As goes without saying, the wine offerings on the Napa Valley Wine Train are ample, and impressive given the space restraints. Or, passengers can bring their own bottle on board. The Napa Valley Wine Train isn’t just a train ride—it’s an institution that echoes the glory days of train travel, with fine dining service, multiple course meals cooked to order, Napa Valley scenery and ultimate relaxation aboard an exquisitely restored vintage rail car. Of course, as a result of the newly released travel restrictions, the closure of its winery partners and in the interest of the health of its passengers and staff, Napa Valley Wine Train journeys were temporarily canceled but will be back on track as pandemic conditions improve—and poised to show you a spectacular time. Luxe Chauffeur Service Everywhere You Jet Set Luxury, convenience and safety-minded travelers are loving Blacklane’s global chauffeur service, which brings travelers peace of mind across 50 countries. The crew’s health, safety, reliability, and technology gives guests door-to-door stress-free travel. Blacklane chauffeurs clean vehicles and disinfect all points of contact before and after rides. They offer guests hand sanitizer, wear masks, and provide masks to guests who need them. Their chauffeurs also check their temperature daily and air out vehicles between rides. Blacklane travelers receive fair, fixed and all-inclusive rates and all rides are carbon-neutral. Plus, all Blacklane chauffeurs are commercially licensed and insured. Airport pickups include flight tracking, meet-and-greet service, and up to one hour of free chauffeur waiting time. Intercity rides give guests a private door-to-door alternative to short-haul flights and trains. Upgrade your travels at or on the free Blacklane app. Gift an Extraordinary Custom Car For those road warriors who revere the open highway with the wind in their hair, there’s a much better way to bestow a vehicle on your beloved this season. Don’t just buy a car and put a bow on it, let your loved one build their dream car from start to finish and drive away with a truly customized vehicle down to the smallest detail! E.C.D. Automotive Design (E.C.D.), the country’s leading specialist for custom restored Defenders and classic Land Rovers, has released a limited number of exclusive Ultimate Platinum Cards for the upcoming holiday season. These black stainless-steel cards are valued at $200,000, so you can gift the opportunity to build a vehicle that is one-of-one, meaning no one else in the world will have a car like the one your lucky recipient designs.

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Top 9 Opportunities in the Travel Industry to Enter in 2021

Article | December 29, 2020

2020 flatlined travel opportunities, opportunities of the tourism industry and hit the global travel industry due to the pandemic. Due to this, many changes in the travel and tourism industry are witnessed today and shall be so in the upcoming years. Many travel industry leaders faced hardship in navigating through the crisis. For them, it was like sailing through a hurricane. As the pandemic's effect hasn't completely faded, the businesses in the tourism sector are trying harder to keep their companies above the water. They have maintained a positive approach to surviving this tough phase and focused on long-term growth. On the other hand, some businesses responded optimistically to the damage caused by the pandemic. They have positively adapted to new opportunities that emerged in the travel industry and experienced success. Such an incident illustrates the travel industry's potential. Yet, the industry has to chart many ways to overcome this challenging time. The emerging tourism trends have created a ton of opportunities for travel businesses to reshape. Nevertheless, some travel and tourism industry changes have evolved because of a shift in operational dynamics due to the pandemic's effect. It also changed several tourism events worldwide. Many business travel trends, which received attention before the pandemic, are being less considered now. In contrast, some business travel trends have become vital on the corporate travel businesses' end. Therefore, whatever aspect of the tourism sector your business is involved in, you need to keep your finger on the pulse. The current opportunities in the travel industry can be beneficial for your business. It is all because of technology and its advantages. To learn about it, this article provides a list of the latest opportunities in the travel industry for 2021. Artificial Intelligence (AI) AI is one technological advancement that has increased opportunities in the travel industry, mainly travel for business opportunities. Today, businesses in the tourism sector are using many technology devices and tools. One of them is chatbots, which use AI to automate and streamline all sales and marketing tasks. Chatbots provide a wealth of information about monitoring data analytics, lead generation, bookings, automated travel assistance, and more. AI algorithms are a crucial aspect of maintaining efficiency in the future of the travel industry. Sophisticated AI is becoming vital for airports. With such development, airports will use visually enabled analysis supported by AI-based recommendations. It will improve operational efficiency for all businesses in the tourism sector to work effortlessly. With such developments, AI is gaining prominence under the current trends in the global tourism industry. Internet of Things (IoT) As IoT has already gained recognition in the technology world, it is becoming one of the emerging trends in the tourism industry by bringing in various travel opportunities. In 2021, businesses in the tourism market will see the potential of IoT as it will mature the existing network of data-producing devices. Examples of IoT technologies are robotics, autonomous vehicles, virtual agents, and machine learning. Since the pandemic addressed immediate needs like sanitization, social distancing, and automation, IoT gave rise to several opportunities in the travel industry simultaneously. IoT initiated the concept of contactless travel. This provides travelers with all the booking information in a single click and offers automated accommodations with controlled systems, voice commands, and more. In the case of point, Amazon introduced a hospitality-oriented version of Alexa virtual assistant. The addition of Alexa will continue to be an important travel industry trend. It has introduced many business opportunities in the travel industry; some are instant booking services and travel assistance. These gained immense prominence when the travel industry resumed its operations after less impact of the pandemic. This trend is set to fetch more and more opportunities in the travel industry in 2021. Virtual Reality (VR) Virtual reality has been a useful tool for many businesses in the tourism sector. Virtual reality offered unique types of tourism events worldwide with virtual tours of accommodation to business travelers from their homes. In this way, it gave transparency to the accommodation and its look before arriving. A host of low-cost VR devices such as the Google Cardboard and Samsung Gear headset were used in the initial stage when the travel industry was still resuming from the global pandemic and travel business opportunities were rising. VR technology benefits businesses as one of the most desired business travel trends during the decision-making phase, especially during a pandemic like COVID-19. It will ensure all the travel processes to take place safely and in smarter ways in the future of the travel industry. While many promising opportunities in the travel industry are emerging, it’s already speculated that businesses in the tourism sector will set VR as one of the most used travel industry trends for 2021. Augmented Reality (AR) AR is also becoming one of the most influential technologies in the travel industry. It opens several doors of opportunities in the travel industry. It offers a convenient way for marketers to give business travelers a taste of what they can expect. The technology highlights a digital version of accommodations, videos, 360-degree views of locations, vehicles, and more. During the pandemic, some travel companies took a step further by offering exceptional booking process through AR technology to their employees. A growing number of companies are at an experimental stage with AR headsets and finding them useful. Using this, companies have started offering many travel opportunities, making it more advanced and safer than what was before the pandemic. The technology is offering many opportunities in the travel industry, along with applications. Personalization The concept of personalization is also one of the growing travel industry trends. Today, many travel businesses are offering personalized options for making travel plans as per personal preferences. It includes accommodations, flight booking, car rentals, and other such amenities. Personalization introduced many opportunities in the travel industry for marketing as well. It uses data of travelers to promote and advertise personally and shows information about a prior purchase or a list that you checked out at a particular time. For example, bd4travel is providing an AI platform to transform travel websites. Using artificial intelligence with machine learning, bd4travel works with online travel companies. They deliver individual buying experiences in real-time. All these were possible because bd4travel adapted the latest opportunities of personalization. This became relevant in the travel industry during this pandemic. Personalization also brought several travel business opportunities and gained prominence. Thus, it is predicted to spread in the future, like other opportunities in the travel industry. Recognition Systems Recognition technology has also brought some vital opportunities in the travel industry. It introduced some of the best high-tech identification tools such as face recognition, fingerprint, and other biometric methods. Face recognition technology is currently being used to identify potential threats. Its usage in the tourism business has improved security systems and increased reliability. In November 2020, SITA announced a trial with Etihad. The employees completed all check-in procedures for corporate travelers within minutes and conducted security processes through their mobile devices. It replaced in-person check-ins with identity cards as a form of authentication. The recognition technology also introduced voice control opportunities in the travel industry. Voice control technology initiates spoken commands services in airports as well as hotel rooms. Robots The future of the travel industry will soar because of emerging self-service opportunities. Corporate travel companies will offer contactless, faster, easier, and flexible services. In this case, robotic technology will become the center stage of the latest travel business opportunities and trends. Various accommodations, check-in, and check-out services at airports will witness extensive use of robotic technology. Business travelers will also find the optimum use of this technology during their stays. Robot technology has made an important way for businesses in the tourism sector as it introduced many new travel opportunities that never existed (not even before the pandemic). Cyber Security Enhancement Cybersecurity is one of the emerging travel industry trends and introduced the most demanding opportunities in the travel industry. The pandemic increased the risks of cyberattacks. Due to this, data have become vulnerable and can cause damage to tourism events worldwide. As travel companies employ many people and may have access to plenty of data, the marketers will have to enhance cybersecurity measures. Some of the biggest threats in this area include phishing attacks and ransomware attacks. To prevent these types of threats, you will have to invest in cybersecurity training, include various hardware and software solutions to keep your business safe. Cybersecurity has brought many promising opportunities in the travel industry. So, the opportunities in the travel industry for cybersecurity will uncover its potential and help companies work efficiently. Big Data Travel opportunities, along with big data, are evolving and will triumph in the future of the travel industry. In a modern business model in the tourism market, big data has played a pivotal role. One of the biggest uses for this data is to improve personalization. As more travel business opportunities have evolved, it has helped employees gather information about corporate travel within minutes. In this way, big data boosted many other opportunities in the travel industry. It will prosper through the pandemic scenario and the future of the travel industry. Another valuable use of big data has helped to analyze current business performance. For example, hotel owners can use big data for revenue management purposes and expect travelers' demand. So, a predictable demand can optimize pricing and promotional strategies. Embracing the latest travel trends is vital for companies to be successful in the travel and tourism sector. Adopting some of these travel trends as a part of your business model can open more doors of opportunities in the travel industry in 2021. Frequently Asked Questions What are the opportunities in tourism industry? The opportunities in the travel industry range broadly in sectors like transportation services, tour operation services, accommodation, travel agencies, tour operation services, and hospitality. How are trends changing the travel industry? The latest trends that are changing the travel industry are majorly in terms of technology and the high involvement of the internet. Along with that, the proliferation of budget airlines and affordability are also other trends changing the travel industry. What are the six segments of the travel industry? The six segments of the travel industry include: Airlines Hospitality Corporate travel Transportation Logistics Lodging { "@context": "", "@type": "FAQPage", "mainEntity": [{ "@type": "Question", "name": "What are the opportunities in tourism industry?", "acceptedAnswer": { "@type": "Answer", "text": "The opportunities in the travel industry range broadly in sectors like transportation services, tour operation services, accommodation, travel agencies, tour operation services, and hospitality." } },{ "@type": "Question", "name": "How are trends changing the travel industry?", "acceptedAnswer": { "@type": "Answer", "text": "The latest trends that are changing the travel industry are majorly in terms of technology and the high involvement of the internet. Along with that, the proliferation of budget airlines and affordability are also other trends changing the travel industry." } },{ "@type": "Question", "name": "What are the six segments of the travel industry?", "acceptedAnswer": { "@type": "Answer", "text": "The six segments of the travel industry include: Airlines Hospitality Corporate travel Transportation Logistics Lodging " } }] }

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Africa Travel Do’s & Don’ts Amid COVID-19

Article | September 10, 2020

As COVID-19 wreaks havoc across the globe, tourism-dependent regions are suffering exponentially. The continent of Africa is one glaring example, with South Africa propelled into the global top 10 for coronavirus infections, reportedly now surpassing the United Kingdom in cases. For its part, the tourism and industrial sectors in North Africa will likely be hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, according to the African Development Bank’s 2020 edition North Africa Economic Outlook report. Even as Africa contends with pandemic concerns, there are still throngs of travelers who are keen to visit the region in the near future. Many are doing diligence to discern if, when and how to go about scheduling a trip to this tourism hotspot. To help spotlight some top-line issues, I turned to entrepreneur and philanthropist Jay Cameron, Executive Director of Maximum Impact Travel. As one of the leading global experts on Africa travel and commerce, Cameron’s insights are invaluable as travelers deal with this tumultuous situation, helping ensure they plan smartly in the post-pandemic era. MK: What are the key do’s and don’ts when traveling to Africa amid COVID-19? JC: Surprisingly, some African countries have escaped the devastating impacts COVID-19 has caused globally. While other countries around the world have experienced often overwhelming consequences as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, much of Africa appears to have been spared. Even so, the statistics do not suggest the citizens of the countries of Africa have not felt its impact. The fact is, many countries in Africa are seeing regular increases in the numbers of those infected by the novel coronavirus, while much of the world is experiencing a decline in infections. Around the world, experts warn outbreaks of COVID-19 in Africa may continue, resulting in a higher rate of deaths due to the limited local health services available. With coronavirus worries come fears of potential famine due to the virus threat, in combination with existing drought conditions and ongoing conflicts. With this in mind, should you intend to travel to the continent now, or post-COVID-19, you should be prepared. Some good preparedness ideas include researching virus statistics in the country you wish to visit that, for one, you can review at It is also advisable to learn if said country has any travel restrictions, which is information that is accessible online via at Of course, maintaining a healthy lifestyle to boost immunity before and during your visit is also key. MK: Should travelers be ready to show proof of a negative COVID-19 test result, either before departing or upon arrival? JC: African countries are now opening for foreign travelers, but this does not indicate the belief that they have won the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. Most African countries are still battling with COVID-19 outbreaks, as the number of infected cases continues to rise daily in nearly every African country. To this end, stringent efforts are in place to ensure individuals arriving on the continent and entering various countries are free of the virus. With this in mind, you should be prepared to present proof of negative COVID-19 status before entering the country to which you are traveling. This measure is being implemented around the globe and the countries of Africa are no exception. In the same vein, departing any African country will require the same proof of negative COVID-19 status. Both mandates are in place to protect your fellow travelers on the flight as well as the residents of the country to which you are traveling. As things ebb and flow, you can check the status of this mandate online at MK: What would you suggest about localized regulations? JC: Travelers must research the localized regulations and requirements with respect to hotel and resorts, airports, ground transportation, public spaces and such for both their own country and their destination.. It is necessary that you understand departure rules from your country of origin, and even more important that you understand your destination country’s prevailing laws for foreign travelers regarding COVID-19. Some African countries like Tanzania and Zambia, for example, have mandated the use of face masks in public places with punishment for the contravention of such laws. Some hotels and resorts also have taken stringent measures and issued their own strict requirements for travelers arriving from foreign countries. For example, at this time, hotel bars in Rwanda are closed but the hotels themselves remain open. Researching and understanding these laws before traveling enables you to stay safe during your visit and steer clear of legal issues with the local authorities. A helpful resource for staying up-to-date on laws that might affect travel to Africa can be found at MK: What about the airlines, specifically? JC: Investigate the requirements for your airline as each carrier has varied responses to COVID-19. As a result of the pandemic, most airlines have adopted measures to keep their passengers and their staff safe. While some airlines like Delta require proof of a negative COVID-19 test before boarding your flight, others provide testing before your flight and attach the result to your ticket. Therefore, to ensure you are able to fly when scheduled, it is your responsibility to know the requirements of your airline before the flight to avoid any issues. A good resource for this is MK: Should tourists be prepared for temperature screenings and COVID-19 tests upon arrival and departure? JC: As pointed out earlier, many African countries are still battling the pandemic, so to keep the residents of their countries safe post-COVID-19, airports have been mandated to request test results or test passengers on-site. Therefore, when traveling, you should be prepared for a coronavirus test upon arrival or departure from any African country. If you refuse to allow this, you will not be able to fly. MK: What about a potential 14-day quarantine upon arrival—is that only for travelers who show signs of COVID-19? JC: Apart from testing, be prepared for a 14-day quarantine if you show signs of the virus or test positive during a test given at the airport. African countries are determined to ensure the pandemic is eliminated completely from their countries. If you show symptoms of the virus upon your arrival in any country in Africa, you will likely be quarantined for 14 days. This can even entail having to stay in the country instead of returning to the U.S. MK: Would you say that travel insurance is an imperative? JC: Make sure your travel insurance company offers COVID-19 coverage and arrange for COVID-19 travel insurance requirements from airlines. You will want to be insured by your travel insurance company for COVID-19 coverage before traveling to any African country. Check with your travel insurance company to ensure COVID-19 is covered under their insurance policy, in the event you need to change your travel plans due to the pandemic. Such coverage policy can protect you by covering expenses related to unexpected changes and/or medical care in the event of illness. MK: With any trip, but especially now, there can be unforeseen circumstances. Any insights on that front? JC: DO NOT travel without extra funds and the ability to extend your trip in the event of a quarantine. With the points mentioned above, there is a great likelihood you will be required to spend more time and money in the country to which you are traveling if your COVID-19 test is positive. As a result, it is advisable to travel only if you are prepared with time and financial contingency plans. However, African countries are not barring U.S. travelers at the same rate as other countries, meaning you can potentially realize your dream safari vacation or other adventure across the continent’s beaches, jungles and deserts. As the world contends with COVID-19 issues, African countries will endeavor to stay open for tourism, business and much more. Preparing for, and abiding by, the region’s travel requirements will make your journey and overall stay in the country more enjoyable and safer for all.

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