Top 9 Opportunities in the Travel Industry to Enter in 2021

ANUSREE BHATTACHARYA | December 29, 2020

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2020 flatlined travel opportunities, opportunities of the tourism industry and hit the global travel industry due to the pandemic. Due to this, many changes in the travel and tourism industry are witnessed today and shall be so in the upcoming years. Many travel industry leaders faced hardship in navigating through the crisis. For them, it was like sailing through a hurricane. As the pandemic's effect hasn't completely faded, the businesses in the tourism sector are trying harder to keep their companies above the water. They have maintained a positive approach to surviving this tough phase and focused on long-term growth.

On the other hand, some businesses responded optimistically to the damage caused by the pandemic. They have positively adapted to new opportunities that emerged in the travel industry and experienced success. Such an incident illustrates the travel industry's potential. Yet, the industry has to chart many ways to overcome this challenging time.

The emerging tourism trends have created a ton of opportunities for travel businesses to reshape.  Nevertheless, some travel and tourism industry changes have evolved because of a shift in operational dynamics due to the pandemic's effect. It also changed several tourism events worldwide. Many business travel trends, which received attention before the pandemic, are being less considered now. In contrast, some business travel trends have become vital on the corporate travel businesses' end. Therefore, whatever aspect of the tourism sector your business is involved in, you need to keep your finger on the pulse. The current opportunities in the travel industry can be beneficial for your business. It is all because of technology and its advantages. To learn about it, this article provides a list of the latest opportunities in the travel industry for 2021.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI is one technological advancement that has increased opportunities in the travel industry, mainly travel for business opportunities. Today, businesses in the tourism sector are using many technology devices and tools. One of them is chatbots, which use AI to automate and streamline all sales and marketing tasks. Chatbots provide a wealth of information about monitoring data analytics, lead generation, bookings, automated travel assistance, and more.

AI algorithms are a crucial aspect of maintaining efficiency in the future of the travel industry. Sophisticated AI is becoming vital for airports. With such development, airports will use visually enabled analysis supported by AI-based recommendations. It will improve operational efficiency for all businesses in the tourism sector to work effortlessly. With such developments, AI is gaining prominence under the current trends in the global tourism industry.

Internet of Things (IoT)

As IoT has already gained recognition in the technology world, it is becoming one of the emerging trends in the tourism industry by bringing in various travel opportunities. In 2021, businesses in the tourism market will see the potential of IoT as it will mature the existing network of data-producing devices. Examples of IoT technologies are robotics, autonomous vehicles, virtual agents, and machine learning. Since the pandemic addressed immediate needs like sanitization, social distancing, and automation, IoT gave rise to several opportunities in the travel industry simultaneously.

IoT initiated the concept of contactless travel. This provides travelers with all the booking information in a single click and offers automated accommodations with controlled systems, voice commands, and more. In the case of point, Amazon introduced a hospitality-oriented version of Alexa virtual assistant. The addition of Alexa will continue to be an important travel industry trend. It has introduced many business opportunities in the travel industry; some are instant booking services and travel assistance. These gained immense prominence when the travel industry resumed its operations after less impact of the pandemic. This trend is set to fetch more and more opportunities in the travel industry in 2021.

Virtual Reality (VR)

Virtual reality has been a useful tool for many businesses in the tourism sector. Virtual reality offered unique types of tourism events worldwide with virtual tours of accommodation to business travelers from their homes. In this way, it gave transparency to the accommodation and its look before arriving. A host of low-cost VR devices such as the Google Cardboard and Samsung Gear headset were used in the initial stage when the travel industry was still resuming from the global pandemic and travel business opportunities were rising.

VR technology benefits businesses as one of the most desired business travel trends during the decision-making phase, especially during a pandemic like COVID-19. It will ensure all the travel processes to take place safely and in smarter ways in the future of the travel industry. While many promising opportunities in the travel industry are emerging, it’s already speculated that businesses in the tourism sector will set VR as one of the most used travel industry trends for 2021.

Augmented Reality (AR)

AR is also becoming one of the most influential technologies in the travel industry. It opens several doors of opportunities in the travel industry. It offers a convenient way for marketers to give business travelers a taste of what they can expect. The technology highlights a digital version of accommodations, videos, 360-degree views of locations, vehicles, and more. During the pandemic, some travel companies took a step further by offering exceptional booking process through AR technology to their employees. A growing number of companies are at an experimental stage with AR headsets and finding them useful. Using this, companies have started offering many travel opportunities, making it more advanced and safer than what was before the pandemic. The technology is offering many opportunities in the travel industry, along with applications.


The concept of personalization is also one of the growing travel industry trends. Today, many travel businesses are offering personalized options for making travel plans as per personal preferences. It includes accommodations, flight booking, car rentals, and other such amenities. Personalization introduced many opportunities in the travel industry for marketing as well. It uses data of travelers to promote and advertise personally and shows information about a prior purchase or a list that you checked out at a particular time.

For example, bd4travel is providing an AI platform to transform travel websites. Using artificial intelligence with machine learning, bd4travel works with online travel companies. They deliver individual buying experiences in real-time. All these were possible because bd4travel adapted the latest opportunities of personalization. This became relevant in the travel industry during this pandemic. Personalization also brought several travel business opportunities and gained prominence. Thus, it is predicted to spread in the future, like other opportunities in the travel industry.

Recognition Systems

Recognition technology has also brought some vital opportunities in the travel industry. It introduced some of the best high-tech identification tools such as face recognition, fingerprint, and other biometric methods. Face recognition technology is currently being used to identify potential threats. Its usage in the tourism business has improved security systems and increased reliability. In November 2020, SITA announced a trial with Etihad. The employees completed all check-in procedures for corporate travelers within minutes and conducted security processes through their mobile devices. It replaced in-person check-ins with identity cards as a form of authentication.

The recognition technology also introduced voice control opportunities in the travel industry. Voice control technology initiates spoken commands services in airports as well as hotel rooms.


The future of the travel industry will soar because of emerging self-service opportunities. Corporate travel companies will offer contactless, faster, easier, and flexible services. In this case, robotic technology will become the center stage of the latest travel business opportunities and trends. Various accommodations, check-in, and check-out services at airports will witness extensive use of robotic technology. Business travelers will also find the optimum use of this technology during their stays. Robot technology has made an important way for businesses in the tourism sector as it introduced many new travel opportunities that never existed (not even before the pandemic).

Cyber Security Enhancement

Cybersecurity is one of the emerging travel industry trends and introduced the most demanding opportunities in the travel industry. The pandemic increased the risks of cyberattacks. Due to this, data have become vulnerable and can cause damage to tourism events worldwide. As travel companies employ many people and may have access to plenty of data, the marketers will have to enhance cybersecurity measures.

Some of the biggest threats in this area include phishing attacks and ransomware attacks. To prevent these types of threats, you will have to invest in cybersecurity training, include various hardware and software solutions to keep your business safe. Cybersecurity has brought many promising opportunities in the travel industry. So, the opportunities in the travel industry for cybersecurity will uncover its potential and help companies work efficiently.

Big Data

Travel opportunities, along with big data, are evolving and will triumph in the future of the travel industry. In a modern business model in the tourism market, big data has played a pivotal role. One of the biggest uses for this data is to improve personalization. As more travel business opportunities have evolved, it has helped employees gather information about corporate travel within minutes. In this way, big data boosted many other opportunities in the travel industry. It will prosper through the pandemic scenario and the future of the travel industry.

Another valuable use of big data has helped to analyze current business performance. For example, hotel owners can use big data for revenue management purposes and expect travelers' demand. So, a predictable demand can optimize pricing and promotional strategies.

Embracing the latest travel trends is vital for companies to be successful in the travel and tourism sector. Adopting some of these travel trends as a part of your business model can open more doors of opportunities in the travel industry in 2021.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the opportunities in tourism industry?

The opportunities in the travel industry range broadly in sectors like transportation services, tour operation services, accommodation, travel agencies, tour operation services, and hospitality.

How are trends changing the travel industry?

The latest trends that are changing the travel industry are majorly in terms of technology and the high involvement of the internet. Along with that, the proliferation of budget airlines and affordability are also other trends changing the travel industry.

What are the six segments of the travel industry?

The six segments of the travel industry include:
  • Airlines
  • Hospitality
  • Corporate travel
  • Transportation
  • Logistics
  • Lodging


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Why Working in Hotel Management is a Nightmare!

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If a kid comes to me nowadays and tells me about his passion for working in the hotel industry, he goes back home with a dream to become a pilot. I am not saying that the hotel industry is the worst kind of industry currently existing in today’s environment, but I am also not denying that. Now, no offence to the hoteliers. You guys rock! It is no joke to work on a New Year Eve and see other people celebrating it while you guys make it happen. You have my respect! But I am probably not that tough. It took me a whole trial and error approach to declare this industry a nightmare for me. But I have so many of my friends still working in hotels and loving every second of their life. (At least that’s what they tell me.) So why were our experiences so different? Why do I know that so many people are not really made for this industry? And what does it take to be a hotelier? I will try to answer these questions through my experience and observations. Why Hotel Management? It is that one question that is the most common and important one. Before taking any big decision, one should be asking a similar question. But what was my why? Allow me to rewind my journey. I was in my 12th with commerce stream, and I was going through that self-enquiry phase. What after this? There was no 13th, nor did I enjoy accountancy too much to do it until I die. So I used to surf the internet and explore different career options almost every day. That was one of my significant hobbies during that time. I used to evaluate my choices, and very soon I understood that I had limited options in the commerce field. So it was arts then? But what was the median salary in that sector? After a lot of research, I realised the median salary in the arts sector was ‘disappointing’. But still, if not that, then what? What was I going to do with my life? It was then that I saw the picture of a cruise ship and remembered 'Titanic'. It was then that I imagined the luxury of a 5-star hotel. It was that moment where I was about to make one of the stupidest decisions of my life. I had never stepped into a kitchen nor showed the slightest interest in making any dish. I never really fancied cleaning glasses, nor did I like managing people under me. I also didn’t know absolutely anything about what was this industry all about. But I dared to share it with my sister, and she was like, wow! It sounds so different! I told this to my friends, and they were like, wow! We always knew you would be doing something different! I told this to my father, and he told me students have to clean toilets during the internship, and I shouted, ‘But that’s not a big deal! Anyone can do that!’ Dad said, ‘Do whatever you want to do then, my son.’ Well, so what did I want apart from freedom in my life at that point? Maybe maturity? Oh! Screw that! So I gave the entrance exam and got a decent rank. I desired to stand in the lobby of a 5-star-hotel and meet salacious women. I was pretty sure that many women would choose that industry apart from me. That was enough motivation! So yes, my reasons to choose the hotel industry was very logical and thoughtful, suffice to say. What Happens in a Hotel? The hotel industry is one of the most glamorous industries out there. Everything is so clean, eloquent, expensive, and pretty. People come to a 5-star hotel, are warmly welcomed, served drinks; they are provided comfortable beds to sleep in, and they enjoy their stay and endless services. Then they simply check out. My only mistake while considering this option was that I wouldn’t be treated like one of those ‘People’ there. In our very first lecture, the term ‘Guest’ was taught to us and how we are not them. We are the ones who would serve them. We would be the waiters, the cooks, the greeters, the bartenders, etc. We wouldn’t be drinking with them but watching them while they would be cavorting. That was a shocker! So many things happen in a hotel, and hoteliers make those things happen. They do all the hard work. The Bakery Chef would spend hours decorating the cake, which the guests would smash on each other's faces. The housekeeper would clean the bathtub while the guest would take five more baths after that. The front desk agent would be greeting the guest during check-in, and the guest would throw tantrums because of his arduous journey. Suddenly my bubble broke, and I realised what I really signed for. I signed for an everyday vacation in hell. Who Survives? I think adulthood is about that realisation when you get to know that bread isn’t free. And what buys that bread isn’t that easy to get. And how much that thing matters to you is going to decide how happy you are going to be in your life. If I was that guy who had grown up watching Masterchef and experimenting in the Kitchen all my life, then a Gordon Ramsey could have come out of me. If I were a fastidious guy who wanted everything to be clean and perfect, then an entrepreneur or a manager could have come out of me who would have tried to do that during his job. If I were a guy who loved making people smile, then interacting with guests while serving the food or taking their check-ins would have been the best things out there for me. You get my point! There are so many things that could have made hotel management an ideal career choice for me. It really is a glamorous industry, and it can provide satisfaction as a career option to some people out there. But that wasn’t the case with me. Sadly that wasn’t the case with many of my batchmates and colleagues of mine as well. After completing my three-year graduation, four-month industrial training, and one-year job as a Front Desk Agent, I quit. Nor could the managers inspire me, nor any other incentives that the industry had to offer. My future looked as grim as the life of an insect (No offence to you if you are an insect.) So yes, be wise before choosing this industry because this industry demands a lot! It is one of the most selfless jobs out there, and you have to be prepared for the nasty feedbacks after all your hard work. So do some self-inspection (Unlike me) if you are stuck in this industry or are planning to do so. And if you love where you are right now, then as I said, you have my respect.

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Travel Retail Services Private Limited

Travel Retail Services Private Limited (TRS) was conceptualized to enhance the experience of customers by providing them with exclusive range of products and services at Travel Locations. Travel Retail Services exclusively distributes the RELAY franchise in India – At travel locations. At present the RELAY Stores are operational at 9 Airport locations namely Delhi, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Pune, Goa, Lucknow, Bhubaneswar, Chandigarh & Guwahati.