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Corporate travel distribution is broken - now some blame the GDSs

September 25, 2019

The introduction of NDC to the corporate travel ecosystem has its share of supporters and detractors, but the one thing they can all agree on is the distribution model needs overhauled.What precisely that looks like (is it NDC? Is it something else?) is still up for debate, and - based on a fiery exchange among executives at The Beat Live in New York last week - the topic isn’t about to die down any time soon.During the session Distribution Economics in the NDC Era, a panel of airlines (American Airlines’ Cory Garner and Lufthansa Group’s Xavier Lagardère) and travel management companies (American Express GBT’s Michael Qualantone and AmTrav’s Jeff Klee) went head-to-head over airline economics and channel remuneration with moderator Caroline Strachan of Festive Road fielding questions from impassioned audience members as well.