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1 hotel mayfair, the sustainable hospitality brand's uk flagship, is now accepting reservations

SH Hotels & Resorts | May 29, 2023 | Read time : 05:10 min

1 Hotels, the nature-inspired luxury lifestyle hotel brand founded by hospitality visionary Barry Sternlicht, announces that its UK flagship and first European destination, located in the heart of London's historic Mayfair, is now accepting reservations with an anticipated opening date of July 13, 2023. The nine-story sustainable sanctuary overlooks the stately trees and verdant lawns of magnificent Green Park, just steps away from the world-class galleries, sophisticated boutiques, first-class restaurants and renowned emporia of Bond Street, Berkeley Square and Piccadilly.

1 Hotel Mayfair consciously creates an unexpected fusion of sustainability and luxury in the fashionable heart of London's most exclusive hospitality district. The hotel brings a fresh breath of air enlivened by a deep love of and respect for nature within easy strolling distance of capital highlights such as The Royal Academy, the West End theatre district, and Buckingham Palace.

"We are delighted to bring nature and our mission of sustainable luxury to Mayfair, the very heart of London, one of the most important travel markets in the world," said Barry Sternlicht, 1 Hotels Founder and Chairman of SH Hotels & Resorts. "We are thrilled to bring our unique fusion of fresh comfort, conscious sustainability, exceptional bespoke service, understated elegance, wellness and nutrition to London."

"We've reimagined the traditional luxury hotel experience for Mayfair by infusing our love for nature with effortless sophistication," said SH Hotels & Resorts Chief Executive Officer Raul Leal. "With this opening we celebrate our distinctive brand's entry into Europe and the dynamic and culturally rich city of London."

Opting for reconstruction over new construction, this urban oasis, built to BREEAM Excellent standards, utilised 80% of the existing structure, which was repurposed to minimise adverse environmental impact. Living green-trellised exterior walls transform former hard surfaces into natural vertical landscapes. A freshly cobbled and pedestrianised previous parking lot creates a harmonious outdoor public space, now gifted to the neighbourhood, where passing Londoners can connect to nature and the surrounding community.

Atop the building, two new complete floors were added and introduce 35 stunning suites with floor-to-ceiling windows and expansive outdoor spaces, inviting guests to entertain or relax while overlooking Green Park, one of London's eight Royal Parks. The double height Green Park Penthouse Suite features a sprawling footprint of 274 square metres which makes it the largest 1 Bedroom Suite in Mayfair. The Green Park Penthouse can be further expanded to 2 bedrooms at 304 square metres and 3 bedrooms at 340 square metres. It features a wrap-around terrace and retractable sliding doors that open fully to sweeping and dramatic park views. All 181 rooms including 44 suites invite guests to rest, revive and restore in an enveloping nest, warmly welcomed by walls lined with native British moss and more than 200 local and regional plant species thriving throughout the property. At every interior turn, guests encounter works exclusively commissioned from nature-influenced local artists designed to provoke a sense of closer connection to the venerable landscape of Britain.

Dovetale, the ground-floor restaurant from internationally renowned two Michelin starred chef Tom Sellers will feature seasonal, organic, locally sourced quality fare from hand-dived scallops to farm-raised lamb. The signature cocktail bar is named after Dover Yard, which has been painstakingly revitalised as part of the project. The menu offers creative concoctions rooted in local traditions. Neighbours Cafe offers light snacks and barista-made ethical fair-trade coffee at a central communal table. The Bamford Wellness Spa offers the best of bespoke treatments following in full faith Lady Bamford's holistic approach to health and wellness.

1 Hotel Mayfair effortlessly fuses the finest natural sources, resources and artisanal products inspired by British heritage with the buzzy creativity and contemporary charm of 21st Century London's most vibrant neighbourhood.


SH Hotels & Resorts, an affiliate of global private investment firm Starwood Capital Group, is a sustainable hotel brand management company that operates 1 Hotels, a nature-inspired lifestyle brand that launched in 2015 with properties in South Beach and Manhattan and now includes Brooklyn Bridge, West Hollywood, Sanya (China), Toronto, San Francisco, Nashville and the recently opened Hanalei Bay flagship property with projects in development in London, Cabo San Lucas, Paris, Elounda Hills (Crete), Austin, Copenhagen, Riyadh and Melbourne; Baccarat Hotels & Resorts, a luxury brand that made its debut in March 2015 with the opening of its flagship property in New York, with projects under development in Brickell (Miami), Florence, Riyadh, Dubai and Rome; and Treehouse Hotels, which premiered in London in 2019 and with projects under development in Manchester, Sunnyvale, Brickell (Miami) and Riyadh. Leveraging its marketing, design, operational and technological expertise, SH Hotels & Resorts is the force behind some of the most groundbreaking and dynamic hotel brands in the world.


Explore cutting-edge revenue strategies in the hospitality industry. Adopt the latest hospitality management trends to optimize the revenue stream.


Explore cutting-edge revenue strategies in the hospitality industry. Adopt the latest hospitality management trends to optimize the revenue stream.

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KAYAK Defines the Unspoken Rules of Air Travel You're Probably Breaking

prnewswire | July 03, 2023

Shoes on or off? Full recline or no recline? Is skipping the security line ever OK? What about standing at the gate before your boarding zone is called? These are all questions we've asked ourselves when flying and likely have strong opinions about yet aren't quite sure what is considered socially acceptable versus outright rude. KAYAK is here to help. Known for searching hundreds of travel sites to find people the perfect flight, hotel or rental car, the world's leading travel search engine is taking it one step further by conducting an extensive search across the Internet, leaving no digital stone unturned to uncover how Americans truly feel about travel etiquette. The search included blog posts, social media platforms, news outlets, online forums, and other sources to identify the most hotly debated topics surrounding air travel. From there, the company conducted a survey with aytm (Ask Your Target Market) revealing 64% of travelers have witnessed bad plane etiquette underscoring the urgency for establishing travel rules ahead of the most popular holiday travel weekend of the summer (July Fourth)**. That's why KAYAK is posting the Unspoken Rules of Air Travel in the one place no one argues: the Internet. So now travelers will know what IS and IS NOT OK when taking their next trip. These comprehensive rules address a wide array of topics, ranging from whether it's OK to put your feet on the chair in front of you (which 68% agree it's not) to the food you should never bring on a flight (spoiler alert: it's hard boiled eggs, according to 74% of North Americans.) Let this be your travel moral compass (which apparently we all need): Simply scroll through the rules on your own or share them with someone who needs them. So… what ARE the Unspoken Rules of Air Travel? According to a survey conducted in partnership with aytm and work facilitated by Brandwatch's Consumer Research Platform, here are the Unspoken Rules of Air Travel as defined by all travelers: Sit back and Relax. 88% of people say it's OK to recline your seat. But timing is important to some with 1 in 3 saying it's only okay to recline your seat on a long or overnight flight. Arm rests are up for grabs. 57% say the middle seat is not entitled to both arm rests Socks stay ON. 76% say you're NOT allowed to take your socks off. Stinky foods stay at home. 92% of people agree that you should not bring any food with strong smells on a plane. That includes the biggest offenders: tinned fish (89%), hard boiled eggs (74%) and a rack of ribs (84%). Keep your feet on the floor. 68% say you are NOT allowed to put your feet up against the back of the seat in front of you. Noise control. 70% say you are not allowed to watch something without headphones. And, headphones on is the equivalent to do not disturb according to 94% of people. Sleeping is not a valid excuse… for just about anything. Leaning on a stranger's shoulder (77%), snoring loudly (66%) and refusing to wake up to let the passenger next to you get up (66%) are not welcome. Hold the phone…call. 69% agree you are NOT allowed to call someone before you get off the plane. Nail care is a no-no. 92% say you are NOT allowed to clip or paint your nails at your seat. Filing your nails is also a no no, according to 81% of people. Storage wars (overhead bin edition). 73% say you are allowed to store small items or jackets in the overhead bin Below are some additional findings that KAYAK was shocked to learn: Shoes ON during flights. 56% of North Americans agree your shoes should stay on during a flight. But, the fact that this was SO close (56% vs 44%) is a bit disturbing… Furthermore… 1 in 5 people believe it's OK to use the restroom without shoes on. That means someone in your row likely did this during your flight… gross! No Babies on Board. 1 in 4 people (26%) say it's NOT okay to bring a baby on a flight… ever. Wahhh. Who called the fun police? 58% say you are not allowed to laugh loudly at a movie when on a plane. Long Hair, Don't Care. Over 1 in 4 people (26%) say it's OK to hang your hair over the headrest/onto the front of the seat behind you. It's NOT Crunch time. 55% of people say no to eating crunchy food on a plane. "Travel etiquette is one of those things that is universally acknowledged yet frequently debated," said Matt Clarke VP of NA Marketing. "Even within our own team at KAYAK, we couldn't all agree whether it was or was not OK to recline your seat on a flight. So, we wanted to put an end to the debate once and for all. By launching these rules as summer travel really picks up, we hope to create a more enjoyable and agreeable summer travel experience for all." The rules will be running on digital displays in major airports throughout summer and will also be available via a modernized seatback manual downloadable at starting Tuesday, June 27. "In a perfect world these would grace the seat back pockets of every US flight. But, we recognize this ambitious endeavor cannot be achieved singlehandedly," continued Clarke. "In solidarity with flight crews everywhere, we hope that airlines will get on board with establishing official etiquette guidelines on all future flights. Imagine hearing 'please stow your rack of ribs' or 'keep your socks on when using the bathroom.' Planes everywhere would be a better, happier and overall more enjoyable place." About KAYAK: KAYAK is part of Booking Holdings Inc, one of the world's most prominent search engines for travel. It helps people find the vacation package, hotel, rental or shared car, and flights they want. The company enables travelers to search for the best flight deals and book with flexibility, as it's pretty reliable and completely free to use. With trip planning tools like a flight tracker, trip planner, and bag measure, KAYAK ensures that travelers' overall experience is more than just a flight search site!

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Selina and Globant Announce a Strategic Global Alliance Offering Unique Benefits to the Globant Community

businesswire | August 28, 2023

Selina Hospitality PLC ("Selina"; NASDAQ: SLNA), an emerging lifestyle and experiential hospitality company serving millennial and Gen Z travelers, is proud to announce a global corporate brand partnership with Globant (NYSE: GLOB), a digitally native company focused on reinventing businesses through innovative technology solutions. Launched on August 17th, this thoughtfully constructed cultural alliance offers unique benefits and enhanced travel experiences at Selina's locations worldwide for Globant's vast network of 27,000 employees (“Globers”), as well as Globant alumni, their friends, and family. At the heart of Globant lies the individual journey of each Glober. This partnership, acknowledging Globers' shared love for exploration and discovery, aligns with Globant's dedication to fostering unique personal experiences. In tandem with Selina, a leading brand in experiential hospitality, the partnership aims to extend unforgettable experiences that transcend boundaries. The alliance offers Globers exclusive hospitality discounts, encouraging adherence to Globant's core values, wherever they travel. “In our rapidly globalizing world, professional expectations are shifting. Today's workforce seeks more than just comfortable accommodations with standard workspaces. They are increasingly drawn to authentic experiences, a sense of community, and a connection with local culture,” states Sam Khazary, Executive Vice President and Global Head of Corporate Development of Selina. “In partnership with Globant, we rise to meet these evolving needs, positioning Selina as a gateway to unique local experiences tailored to the Globant community.” This innovative program, embracing over 27,000 Globers and the vast Globant Alumni network, serves as a portal to an array of bespoke Selina benefits. With access to preferred rates for our globally dispersed accommodations, Globers can immerse themselves in the breadth of Selina's curated experiences, network of co-working spaces, wellness Mantra by Selina retreats, and the unique explorations of all our offerings. This partnership caters to diverse preferences, from global cities to remote destinations, luxury suites to glamping tents. Benefits include exclusive discounts on local tours, packages, and on-site restaurants, as well as access to recreational activities, wellness areas, and Selina events worldwide. “Selina is more than a hospitality company; we have established a global platform designed for remote working professionals and digital nomads,” adds Khazary. “In a competitive landscape where businesses are vying to attract and retain top talent, our alliance with Globant fortifies our commitment to transforming traditional corporate benefits, asserting Selina as a prominent player in experiential corporate travel.” “At Globant, our mission is to forge strategic alliances that serve as powerful catalysts for our Culture's growth, scalability, and impact. By crafting extraordinary and meaningful experiences, we aim to make each Globers' journey feel as exceptional as they truly are. As we unite our values and foster stronger engagement, we embark on #TheEpicalJourney, redefining possibilities,” said Globant’s People Experience Director, Pablo Bumaschny. “Our partnership with Selina stands as a testament to our commitment to innovation, as their customer demographic seamlessly resonates with ours, making this alliance a harmonious stride towards the future we envision.” The collaboration between Selina and Globant sets a new precedent for each company, demonstrating how businesses can creatively enhance the value proposition for their employees. “We're introducing a new standard that marries hospitality and corporate benefits to empower the modern workforce,” says Khazary. “By extending these opportunities to Globant's employees, alumni, and their network, we aim to cultivate professional interaction, cultural exchange, and access to inspiring workspaces, enhancing job satisfaction, employee motivation, and ultimately, Globant's overall success.” The shared vision for the future between Selina and Globant fortifies this partnership as a key step in shaping how businesses support and reward their talent. “This is more than a partnership; it's a mutual commitment to fostering community spirit, nurturing talent, and enhancing professional growth,” concludes Khazary. “We're eager to welcome the Globant community and invite them to join us on this transformative journey, experiencing first-hand the benefits of community-based experiential travel that Selina champions.” About Globant We are a digitally native company that helps organizations reinvent themselves and unleash their potential. We are the place where innovation, design, and engineering meet at scale. We have more than 27,000 employees and we are present in 25 countries and 5 continents working for companies like Google, Electronic Arts and Santander, among others. We were named a Worldwide Leader in AI Services (2023) and Worldwide Leader in CX Improvement Services (2020) by IDC MarketScape report. We were also featured as a business case study at Harvard, MIT, and Stanford. We are active members of The Green Software Foundation (GSF) and the Cybersecurity Tech Accord. About Selina Hospitality PLC. Selina is one of the world's largest hospitality brands built to address the needs of millennial and Gen Z travelers, blending beautifully designed accommodation with coworking, recreation, wellness, and local experiences. Founded in 2014 and custom-built for today's nomadic traveler, Selina provides guests with a global infrastructure to seamlessly travel and work abroad. Each Selina property is designed in partnership with local artists, creators, and tastemakers, breathing new life into existing buildings in interesting locations in 24 countries on six continents – from urban cities to remote beaches and jungles.

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Leading Hospitality SaaS Platform Craftable Announces Strategic Investment from Private Equity Firm Gauge Capital

prnewswire | July 27, 2023

Craftable, the hospitality industry's leading SaaS platform, is proud to announce that it has partnered with Dallas, TX-based private equity firm Gauge Capital to provide growth funding and capitalize on industry opportunities. This strategic investment further enhances Craftable's position at the forefront of cutting-edge technology shaping the hospitality industry. "We are excited to partner with Gauge for the next chapter of Craftable's growth. We look forward to leveraging the resources and support from an investment partner with significant enterprise software expertise while maintaining our relentless focus on the customer experience that has always been at the core of Craftable's success," said Samuel Zats, Co-Founder and CEO of Craftable. "Gauge's growth investment in the business and aligned focus on supporting our customers will help us to accelerate our product innovation, execute our sales strategy and further build our impact in the market." Craftable's innovative technology solutions equip restaurant, bar, hotel and hospitality operators with intuitive and easy-to-use tools that can help them make strategic decisions based on real-time data to drive sales and reduce costs. Its leading hospitality management SaaS platform allows for seamless back-of-house automation and management. By providing operators with procurement, inventory tracking, recipe cost management, accounts payable automation, scheduling and analytics solutions, they can use this critical data to boost revenue while successfully lowering pour costs by 3-5% and food costs by 2-3%. Today, Craftable has over 50,000 monthly active users, with more onboarding every day. Craftable serves thousands of hospitality industry operators and partners with some of the most prominent names in hospitality. "Craftable has a distinguished reputation in the hospitality sector, enterprise-grade capabilities, and a highly scalable technology platform," said Tom McKelvey, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Gauge Capital. "We couldn't be more excited to partner with the Craftable team to realize our shared vision for the future of hospitality innovation." As part of the investment, Tom McKelvey, Garrett Fair, and Sam Yang from Gauge Capital have joined Craftable's Board of Directors. TI Partners served as financial advisor on the transaction. For more information about Craftable, visit For more information about Gauge Capital, visit About Craftable Craftable is a technology platform provider that seamlessly connects purchasing, recipes, inventory, sales, accounting, and analytics to create operator success in the hospitality, food, beverage, and entertainment industries. Craftable's best-in-class Foodager and Bevager management systems allow operators to access product supplies, invoices and purchasing procurement at their fingertips while integrating with 60+ POS and financial systems to provide real-time data on how product cost increases, variances, and labor affect their bottom line. Founded in 2015 and designed by Silicon Valley tech experts and hospitality veterans, Craftable seeks to equip businesses with the next-level technology needed to operate more efficiently, reduce inventory costs, and take control of revenue in ways they weren't able to before. Craftable partners with some of the most prominent operators in hospitality, such as José Andrés, Tao Group Hospitality, bartaco, Major Food Group, Front Burner Society Brands and Kimpton Hotels. About Gauge Capital Gauge Capital is a leading middle-market private equity firm based in Southlake, Texas. Gauge invests in five key sectors: business services, food & consumer, government & industrial services, healthcare, and technology. The Firm manages more than $2.0 billion in capital, and in 2020, 2021 and 2022, Inc. Magazine named Gauge one of the top private equity firms for founders. In 2021, 2022, and 2023 Gauge was also named to the Top 50 PE Firms in the Middle Market by Grady Campbell. In 2022, Gauge ranked in the top 5 out of 517 private equity firms in the HEC Paris – Dow Jones Small-Cap Buyout Performance Ranking.

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