3M Co. and Safran Cabin, Announces Partnership to Restore Confidence in Air Travel

3M | November 25, 2020

Maplewood-based 3M (NYSE: MMM) and Safran Cabin are creating advancements to make airplane insides more clean. The exertion is essential for Huntington Beach, Calif.- based Safran Cabins' "Travel Safe" initiative, which intends to irrefutably expand the cleanliness of airplane insides.

Safran will certify 3M technology that improves cleaning and insurance hardware in airplane lodges that can eliminate microorganisms and infections, including Covid-19. The solutions can be permanently installed during the manufacturing process, or they can be applied to upgrade existing interiors.



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Target Hospitality Commences ESG Strategy Development

Target Hospitality | February 14, 2023

On February 13, 2023, Target Hospitality Corp., a provider of value-added hospitality services and vertically integrated modular accommodations in North America, announced that it had initiated an Environmental, Social, and Governance ('ESG') strategy development and implementation process. Target is committed to leveraging the strength of its core mission, vision, and values to define meaningful and measurable ESG-aligned goals. Its strategy will be to create a quantifiable framework for benchmarking progress and establish a reporting system committed to setting and achieving ESG goals. The company believes that this approach will generate an executable strategy aligned with its long-term growth objectives centered on the continued creation of shareholder value. The organization has appointed Scott S. Junk as Senior Vice President of ESG to lead this initiative and focus on the company's ESG strategy and implementation. Before joining Target, Mr. Junk was in charge of positioning, releasing, and developing the ESG initiative for WillScot Mobile Mini. Brad Archer, President and Chief Executive Officer of Target Hospitality, shared, "We are pleased to formalize our ESG initiative and the commitment to establishing a defined and transparent framework. We have taken meaningful steps in conducting a value-added approach capable of supporting Target's growth and evolution. Thoughtful execution should add lasting benefit to Target's employees, customers, and stakeholders." (Source – Cision PR Newswire) AboutTarget Hospitality Based in The Woodlands, Texas, Target Hospitality (previously Target Lodging) is a leader in turnkey accommodations and integrated hospitality services, present in 22 communities with over 10,000 beds available. It operates worldwide, even in the most remote locations, providing workforce housing and site services to the oil, gas, and mining industries. In addition, it offers temporary accommodation, catering, and hospitality services to governments and relief organizations. In a progressively competitive market, its extensive network, superior culinary services, distinct amenities, and the service-oriented team all work together to improve customer morale and retention. Target Hospitality ensures good care of a client's staff outside of work so that they can perform at their highest level on the job.

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KAYAK and Affirm Team up to Help Travelers Book Now and Pay Later

KAYAK | January 27, 2023

KAYAK, the leading search engine for travel, recently announced that it has partnered with Affirm, a payment network, to make its payment operations flexible and to empower its travelers in the United States. According to KAYAK search data, flight prices are rising by about 40% per year. Despite increased flight prices, travelers are still searching for flight bookings in 2023. With Affirm, KAYAK is making it easier for travelers to plan and pay for their trips this year. Now, approved KAYAK travelers can split the cost of flights, hotels, car rentals, and car sharing over $150 into monthly payments by choosing Affirm when they check out. Thus, KAYAK can reach 15 million of Affirm's consumers and 245,000 merchants, including American Airlines, Priceline, Vrbo, Vacasa, and more thereby, enhancing its new reach, overall sales, repurchase rates, and average order value. Paul Jacobs, General Manager and Vice President of KAYAK North America, says, "It's good to have choices, especially in this economy. In addition to showing travelers all their options on KAYAK, Affirm gives travelers the ability to plan how they pay." (Source – Business Wire) Geoffrey Kott, Chief Revenue Officer at Affirm, remarks, "This past fall, Affirm's consumers increased purchases at airlines over seven times compared to the prior year, demonstrating higher consumer demand for payment flexibility when booking travel." He adds, "By partnering with KAYAK, we are able to bring consumers a flexible and transparent way to pay for travel, especially at a time when many are looking for ways to regain financial control and spending power amidst rising costs." (Source – Business Wire) About KAYAK: KAYAK is part of Booking Holdings Inc, one of the world's most prominent search engines for travel. It helps people find the vacation package, hotel, rental or shared car, and flights they want. The company enables travelers to search for the best flight deals and book with flexibility, as it's pretty reliable and completely free to use. With trip planning tools like a flight tracker, trip planner, and bag measure, KAYAK ensures that travelers' overall experience is more than just a flight search site!

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ATP Adds New Features to Aviation Software Platform, Flightdocs Operations

ATP | January 20, 2023

On January 19, 2023, ATP, which offers information services and software solutions to the aviation industry, informed that it is planning to introduce a new set of features to its Flightdocs Operations software platform. The revamped product ensures smooth flight scheduling and trip planning using improved communication features that optimize data flow. The updates will be part of the new product showcase at NBAA's Schedulers and Dispatcher Conference in Nashville (Tennessee) from January 24 to 26, 2023. Flightdocs Operations provides flight operations management software to schedulers and dispatchers that utilizes real-time data and resource availability. The platform allows users to manage crew, create trips, and communicate with team members from a single, up-to-date calendar view. ATP ensures that passengers' personally identifying information is kept private and safe by using strong data and software controls. It is also fully cloud-based and ISO-certified. The native mobile solution, available as an iOS app, also works offline. This lets end users, who are frequently on the road, such as crews and pilots, sign in and complete electronic flight logs in locations without internet connectivity. Mike Profit, COO of ATP, shares, "The unique aspect about this groundbreaking tool is that it's one of the first and only cloud-based web applications on the market for flight operations and scheduling that is fully integrated with a maintenance tracking platform." He adds, "With this product, we are breaking down silos between maintenance and flight operations departments to eliminate any miscommunication between the two and improving operating efficiency in order to maximize aircraft uptime." (Source – Business Wire) Meanwhile, the Flightdocs Operations program will be exhibited at the conference at Booth 227. About ATP California-basedATP is the premier provider of software and information services in the aviation industry, serving over 75,000 aircraft maintenance personnel and 7,500 customers. The company provides a technology platform that increases flight uptime by helping manage everything, from operations and maintenance to diagnostics and manuals. As a result, thousands of aircraft operators use ATP, including 25% of the global commercial fleet and over 100 OEMs, while its customers have seen an average 23% decrease in downtime costs.

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