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Amadeus and Hawaiian Airlines begin new technology journey with Altéa Passenger Service System agreement

Hawaiian Airlines | December 13, 2021

Amadeus has been selected by Hawaiian Airlines as its next-generation technology partner. Implementation of the Amadeus Altéa PSS suite will begin in Q1 2022 with targeted completion in 2023. Altéa is at the heart of the Amadeus Airline Platform, an open technology platform built for innovation, agile collaboration, and simplified interactions that will equip Hawaiian Airlines with the best technology to deliver superior service to its customers.

The airline will join a community of 200+ airlines around the world, shaping its operations and passenger experiences with leading technology from Amadeus. The Hawaiian Airlines and Amadeus partnership will enable Hawaiian Airlines to:

  • Deliver a modern, efficient reservations solution for front-line employees to aid customers in purchasing, changing, and using services from the airline.
  • Provide airport staff with a new, modern user experience to simplify complex tasks, resulting in more time to care for customers.
  • Connect to the Amadeus Payment Platform, allowing the airline to integrate modern payment services to Altéa and provide new payment capabilities for its customers.
  • Equip its teams with modern, seamlessly integrated technology that provides real-time access to data insights.

“The past few years have been transformative for Hawaiian Airlines in many ways and have led us on a path to take major steps in preparing for the future,We look forward to this expanded partnership that now includes Altéa PSS, which increases our flexibility to introduce new products and allows us to create a great customer experience.”

-John Jacobi, Senior Vice President of Information Technology at Hawaiian Airlines

We are excited to welcome Hawaiian Airlines to the Amadeus community. We are confident that our partnership will enrich Hawaiian Airlines’ customer and employee experiences, said Rajiv Rajian, Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer, Americas, Amadeus. “We have built a close working relationship over the past several years, and we are thrilled to begin a new chapter with Hawaiian Airlines. We believe the Amadeus Airline Platform will deliver the technology to enable Hawaiian Airlines to deliver a superior traveler experience.

Hawaiian Airlines is an existing user of Departure Control Flight Management, Amadeus’ load planning solution, and as part of this expanded partnership, the airline will implement Amadeus Departure Control Customer Management. Also, to help Hawaiian Airlines continue to be flexible and responsive to health and safety requirements, it will implement Traveler ID for Safe Travel, an Amadeus solution that allows passengers to verify their health documentation directly through the airline app or websites. Additionally, Hawaiian Airlines will be connected to the Amadeus Payment Platform, ensuring they can provide their customers a seamless payment experience.

About Hawaiian Airlines
Hawaiian® has led all U.S. carriers in on-time performance for each of the past 17 years (2004-2020) as reported by the U.S. Department of Transportation and was named No. 1 U.S. airline by Condé Nast Traveler’s 2021 Readers Choice Awards. Consumer surveys by Travel + Leisure and TripAdvisor have placed Hawaiian among the top of all domestic airlines serving Hawaiʻi.Now in its 93rd year of continuous service, Hawaiian is Hawaiʻi's biggest and longest-serving airline. Hawaiian offers approximately 130 flights within the Hawaiian Islands, daily nonstop flights between Hawaiʻi and 16 U.S. gateway cities – more than any other airline – as well as service connecting Honolulu and American Samoa, Japan, South Korea, Sydney, and Tahiti. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, Hawaiian’s Auckland and Brisbane flights remain suspended.The airline is committed to connecting people with aloha by offering complimentary meals for all guests on transpacific routes and the convenience of no change fees on Main Cabin and Premium Cabin seats. HawaiianMiles members also enjoy flexibility with miles that never expire.Hawaiian Airlines, Inc. is a subsidiary of Hawaiian Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: HA). Additional information is available at Follow Hawaiian’s Twitter updates (@HawaiianAir), become a fan on Facebook (Hawaiian Airlines), and follow us on Instagram (hawaiianairlines). For career postings and updates, follow Hawaiian’s LinkedIn page.

About Amadeus
Travel powers progress. Amadeus powers travel. Amadeus’ solutions connect travelers to the journeys they want through travel agents, search engines, tour operators, airlines, airports, hotels, cars and railways.We have developed our technology in partnership with the travel industry for over 30 years. We combine a deep understanding of how people travel with the ability to design and deliver the most complex, trusted, critical systems our customers need. In 2019, we helped connect over 1.9 billion people to local travel providers in over 190 countries.We are one company, with a global mindset and a local presence wherever our customers need us.Our purpose is to shape the future of travel. We are passionate in our pursuit of better technology that makes better journeys.Amadeus is an IBEX 35 company, listed on the Spanish Stock Exchange under AMS.MC. The company has also been recognized by the Dow Jones Sustainability Index for the last ten years.


Explore cutting-edge revenue strategies in the hospitality industry. Adopt the latest hospitality management trends to optimize the revenue stream.


Explore cutting-edge revenue strategies in the hospitality industry. Adopt the latest hospitality management trends to optimize the revenue stream.

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businesswire | August 03, 2023

AlertMedia, the world’s leading provider of threat intelligence, emergency communication, and travel risk management solutions, today launched an integration with Concur Travel. The integration allows joint AlertMedia and Concur Travel customers the ability to automatically sync travel data from Concur® Travel into AlertMedia Travel Risk Management, providing travel risk and security teams a real-time view of employees’ locations while traveling for work along with a powerful suite of tools to prepare employees ahead of business trips, monitor emerging travel risks, and respond quickly to keep travelers out of harm’s way. “The volume of business trips continues to grow, and more trips mean more risk for organizations—for the traveler and the business itself,” said Christopher Kenessey, CEO of AlertMedia. “Our integration with Concur Travel provides organizations a seamless, unified interface designed to help minimize travel-related risks, rapidly communicate critical information, and protect their most valuable assets—their people—in a world that is constantly changing.” Available to customers worldwide, the AlertMedia turnkey integration with Concur Travel drastically reduces the time required to identify, correlate, and respond to travel risks that may impact active trips or upcoming trips. Additional benefits include: Frictionless travel data management: Unify travel safety and risk management workflows within a single pane of glass to enable a faster, more consistent response. Accurate, non-invasive location monitoring: Know where your traveling employees are at all times and their proximity to emerging risks with the AlertMedia mobile app and powerful mapping features. Automatic, multichannel notifications to at-risk travelers: Accelerate response times to critical events with automated, multichannel notifications sent directly to impacted travelers or security teams. AlertMedia Travel Risk Management is now available in the SAP Concur App Center. About AlertMedia AlertMedia helps organizations protect their people and business through all phases of an emergency. Our award-winning threat intelligence, emergency communication, and travel risk management solutions help companies of all sizes identify, respond to, and recover from critical events faster and with greater confidence. AlertMedia supports critical communication for thousands of leading businesses—including DHL, JetBlue, Coca-Cola Bottling, In-N-Out, and Walmart—in more than 130 countries.

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KAYAK Defines the Unspoken Rules of Air Travel You're Probably Breaking

prnewswire | July 03, 2023

Shoes on or off? Full recline or no recline? Is skipping the security line ever OK? What about standing at the gate before your boarding zone is called? These are all questions we've asked ourselves when flying and likely have strong opinions about yet aren't quite sure what is considered socially acceptable versus outright rude. KAYAK is here to help. Known for searching hundreds of travel sites to find people the perfect flight, hotel or rental car, the world's leading travel search engine is taking it one step further by conducting an extensive search across the Internet, leaving no digital stone unturned to uncover how Americans truly feel about travel etiquette. The search included blog posts, social media platforms, news outlets, online forums, and other sources to identify the most hotly debated topics surrounding air travel. From there, the company conducted a survey with aytm (Ask Your Target Market) revealing 64% of travelers have witnessed bad plane etiquette underscoring the urgency for establishing travel rules ahead of the most popular holiday travel weekend of the summer (July Fourth)**. That's why KAYAK is posting the Unspoken Rules of Air Travel in the one place no one argues: the Internet. So now travelers will know what IS and IS NOT OK when taking their next trip. These comprehensive rules address a wide array of topics, ranging from whether it's OK to put your feet on the chair in front of you (which 68% agree it's not) to the food you should never bring on a flight (spoiler alert: it's hard boiled eggs, according to 74% of North Americans.) Let this be your travel moral compass (which apparently we all need): Simply scroll through the rules on your own or share them with someone who needs them. So… what ARE the Unspoken Rules of Air Travel? According to a survey conducted in partnership with aytm and work facilitated by Brandwatch's Consumer Research Platform, here are the Unspoken Rules of Air Travel as defined by all travelers: Sit back and Relax. 88% of people say it's OK to recline your seat. But timing is important to some with 1 in 3 saying it's only okay to recline your seat on a long or overnight flight. Arm rests are up for grabs. 57% say the middle seat is not entitled to both arm rests Socks stay ON. 76% say you're NOT allowed to take your socks off. Stinky foods stay at home. 92% of people agree that you should not bring any food with strong smells on a plane. That includes the biggest offenders: tinned fish (89%), hard boiled eggs (74%) and a rack of ribs (84%). Keep your feet on the floor. 68% say you are NOT allowed to put your feet up against the back of the seat in front of you. Noise control. 70% say you are not allowed to watch something without headphones. And, headphones on is the equivalent to do not disturb according to 94% of people. Sleeping is not a valid excuse… for just about anything. Leaning on a stranger's shoulder (77%), snoring loudly (66%) and refusing to wake up to let the passenger next to you get up (66%) are not welcome. Hold the phone…call. 69% agree you are NOT allowed to call someone before you get off the plane. Nail care is a no-no. 92% say you are NOT allowed to clip or paint your nails at your seat. Filing your nails is also a no no, according to 81% of people. Storage wars (overhead bin edition). 73% say you are allowed to store small items or jackets in the overhead bin Below are some additional findings that KAYAK was shocked to learn: Shoes ON during flights. 56% of North Americans agree your shoes should stay on during a flight. But, the fact that this was SO close (56% vs 44%) is a bit disturbing… Furthermore… 1 in 5 people believe it's OK to use the restroom without shoes on. That means someone in your row likely did this during your flight… gross! No Babies on Board. 1 in 4 people (26%) say it's NOT okay to bring a baby on a flight… ever. Wahhh. Who called the fun police? 58% say you are not allowed to laugh loudly at a movie when on a plane. Long Hair, Don't Care. Over 1 in 4 people (26%) say it's OK to hang your hair over the headrest/onto the front of the seat behind you. It's NOT Crunch time. 55% of people say no to eating crunchy food on a plane. "Travel etiquette is one of those things that is universally acknowledged yet frequently debated," said Matt Clarke VP of NA Marketing. "Even within our own team at KAYAK, we couldn't all agree whether it was or was not OK to recline your seat on a flight. So, we wanted to put an end to the debate once and for all. By launching these rules as summer travel really picks up, we hope to create a more enjoyable and agreeable summer travel experience for all." The rules will be running on digital displays in major airports throughout summer and will also be available via a modernized seatback manual downloadable at starting Tuesday, June 27. "In a perfect world these would grace the seat back pockets of every US flight. But, we recognize this ambitious endeavor cannot be achieved singlehandedly," continued Clarke. "In solidarity with flight crews everywhere, we hope that airlines will get on board with establishing official etiquette guidelines on all future flights. Imagine hearing 'please stow your rack of ribs' or 'keep your socks on when using the bathroom.' Planes everywhere would be a better, happier and overall more enjoyable place." About KAYAK: KAYAK is part of Booking Holdings Inc, one of the world's most prominent search engines for travel. It helps people find the vacation package, hotel, rental or shared car, and flights they want. The company enables travelers to search for the best flight deals and book with flexibility, as it's pretty reliable and completely free to use. With trip planning tools like a flight tracker, trip planner, and bag measure, KAYAK ensures that travelers' overall experience is more than just a flight search site!

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Ask Parker the Polar Bear! Quark Expeditions' new AI-driven partner portal makes every travel advisor a polar expert

prnewswire | August 29, 2023

Quark Expeditions, the global leader in polar adventures, announces the launch of a new Partner Portal for travel advisors and their firms—including an industry-first AI platform that will make every advisor a polar expert. "Our Partner Portal for travel advisors offers unmatched, industry-leading innovation and efficiency," said Wendy Batchelor, Vice President of Marketing for Quark Expeditions. "Anchored by the best team and the deepest experience in our sector, our blend of one-stop digital resources and lightning-fast AI tools will fuel sales success for our polar expedition partners—and this is only phase one; look for more exciting developments soon!" From customizable promotional and marketing materials, to the latest polar news and incentives plus Quark Expeditions' learn-from-anywhere PolarPRO training platform, the Partner Portal provides both inspiration and education—along with Parker the Polar Bear, the industry's first real-time, AI-driven virtual polar resource! "Our new AI-enabled virtual assistant leverages secure, cutting-edge language models trained by our own technology team using extensive in-house knowledge repositories," said Rajesh Thiagarajan, Director of Digital Products with Quark Expeditions' global development team. "Parker, together with the full suite of digital resources on the Partner Portal, will reduce time demands for advisors through fast and accurate answers to every polar client's questions." To learn more about the Partner Portal and its AI capabilities, travel advisors can contact the Quark Expeditions sales team—or click here to register and launch their polar expedition sales journey today! About Quark Expeditions The global leader in polar adventures for more than 30 years. The most passionate and seasoned team in the industry, taking explorers to the ends of the earth. Going where few ever dream, and walking where few ever will. Delivering extraordinary experiences and enriching lives through travel, Quark Expeditions is a Travelopia specialist company.

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