American Express GBT adds investors to fuel further growth

PhocusWire | December 18, 2019

American Express Global Business Travel has secured undisclosed investment from Carlyle Global Partners. Carlyle joins the Certares-led investment group, which holds 50% of the business, with credit card and loyalty brand American Express holding the remaining half. GIC, an institutional investor, is also now part of the group, alongside the University of California Office of the Chief Investment Officer of the Regents and Kaiser Permanente.



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Sansa Airlines Partners with GO7 for Commercial Operations

GO7 | February 22, 2023

On February 21, 2023, Sansa Airlines (SANSA), a domestic airline in Costa Rica, partnered with GO7 to enhance its inventory management, passenger experience, distribution, and growth support across multiple channels. Through the partnership, it will use GO7's AeroCRS solution for reservations, flight or fare management technology and inventory management. GO7 is a travel technology company dedicated to the travel brand's transformation, supporting SANSA's growth and distribution strategies across the Central American region. With its support, the airlines would improve its services, providing more passenger options. In addition, it will enhance the company's agility in response to the demand trends. This integration has resulted in the relaunch of the airlines' travel service between San Jose and Managua in 2022 and an expected new connection to Panama in 2023. SANSA has selected GO7's AeroCRS solution, replacing its previous passenger service system with more modernized modular technology stack services. This replacement has made it more flexible with its travel routes, advanced passenger service and capacity. It deploys the AeroCRS solution as an online distribution platform for its flight inventory, making it more visible for online travel agencies (OTAs) and metasearch engines, accelerating its customer reach. The solution supports its growth strategy and establishes it as a more reliable airline in Central America. Managing Partner of SANSA, Julio Caballero, said, "Partnering with GO7 complements our growth and expansion plans perfectly." He added, "Throughout the onboarding and implementation process, our team has enjoyed exemplary communication with the GO7 team; they've listened to all our needs and delivered solutions, and the training process was thorough and efficient. We look forward to growing our operation and increasing passenger volume with the help of GO7's purpose-built and unique solutions." (Source – Cision PR Newswire) CEO of GO7, Meir Hadassi Turner, said, "SANSA is focused on continuous improvement of their passenger service quality, which is precisely the type of airline we want to partner with." He added, "I am confident our solutions will give SANSA the support it needs to continue growing revenue and expanding its footprint across the Central American region and beyond." (Source – Cision PR Newswire) About GO7 Founded in 2023, GO7, a travel tech company, provides solutions for airline reservation systems, passenger service systems, airline technology, airline distribution, passenger retail, information technology and services, aviation, and global distribution systems. Its flexible customer-centric technology gives authority to airlines and travel operators. Its integrated solutions transform the airline's commercial operations with its all-in-one technology solution. Airlines trust it for operational consulting, baggage management, interlining, payments, loyalty, passenger services, ticketing, and distribution. With the acquisition of AirBlackBox, WorldTicket and AeroCRS, the investment company, 777 partners, has established it as GO7.

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Priceline Forms Strategic Alliance with British Airways and Iberia

Priceline | January 02, 2023

Priceline, a leading online travel agency in North America, announced an NDC agreement with British Airways and Iberia, part of the International Airlines Group (IAG). Through the new distribution capability (NDC) partnership, Priceline customers will have access to the airline group's full fares and other services, such as choosing their seats and having their bags checked. Priceline is excited to expand its valued partnership with IAG. The company said that its new connections to British Airways and Iberia would help it fulfill its mission of giving customers the best travel deals, whether traveling within the United States or to another country. Iberia says the agreement with Priceline is a great chance to grow its partnership with one of the best travel agencies in North America through the NDC channel. Also, it will help the company reach a larger audience with Iberia's and British Airways products and the benefits of this model. British Airways is happy about this announcement with Priceline and the great work they do to ensure their customers can use the NDC content and features, such as more price points and better self-service features. Priceline's parent company, Booking Holdings, is also a part of the new strategic partnership. It includes Agoda, which continues to improve its flight and connected trip offerings in the Asia-Pacific region. About Priceline Booking Holdings' subsidiary Priceline is a well-known start-up that combines cutting-edge technology with a meaningful mission. It gives its customers quick and easy access to the best deals on hotel rooms, flights, rental cars, vacation packages, and cruises so they can be present for the most critical moments.

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Aeroitalia joins WorldTicket to Expand Travel Options in the European Region

WorldTicket | January 24, 2023

Aeroitalia reported today that it is connecting with WorldTicket to offer more travel options in the European region. Aeroitalia would broaden its internal sales reach to include OTAs and travel agencies. This integration would fulfill the increasing demands for travel in Europe. For example, according to a report by ENIT, international visitors to Italy's tourist agency increased by 172% from January to July 2022 and 57% from pre-pandemic levels. This growth in demand is expected to continue in the future thereby, generating more possibility for Aeroitalia to provide non-stop, high-quality air travel at reasonable prices in Italy and the Southern Mediterranean. Furthermore, it can now quickly sell flights through any GSD and successfully offer seasonal itineraries, especially summer routes. Hence, it is a genuine adaptive business that adapts according to its customer’s demands. "Aeroitalia is committed to delivering outstanding service to passengers which incorporate easy access for our product, especially for our business customers," says Krassimir Tanev, Chief Commercial Officer of Aeroitalia and further adds that "Multichannel distribution is an important development as it goes hand-in-hand with our network expansion plans for summer 2023. Thanks to our marketing partnership with WorldTicket and its global distribution technology, Aeroitalia services are now closer to the travel agency community to the benefit of our customers." (Source – Cision PR Newswire) Aeroitalia connects unserved and underserved markets through travel options like six days per week, connecting Italy's two largest cities, Milan and Rome, and routing Milan and London Heathrow. By integrating with WorldTicket's technologies, it can establish business in these markets swiftly and affordably. Moreover, it can also enhance its distribution capability with the help of WorldTicket's GDS Sub-Hosting solutions. Thus, making it the principal air travel agency in Europe. About WorldTicket: WorldTicket has provided creative and flexible IT solutions to over 75 airlines globally since 2002. With offices in Bangkok, Kyiv, Warsaw, and Beijing, this Copenhagen-based company supports airline consumers across various time zones. Besides, WorldTicket's W2 GDS Sub-Hosting is suited for start-ups and virtual airlines needing fast and easy GDS distribution without extensive implementation or upfront costs. It also offers W2 ticketing for Global BSP Ticketing. The technology lets its interline partners maximize global ticketing benefits and boost earnings from remote and non-strategic BSP areas.

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