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Artificial Intelligence for True Cruise Opinion

We've always heard that the internet is filled with cruise reviews and ship ratings. Cruisewatch, a tech company, is using artificial intelligence (AI) to monitor online comments and customer ratings for the benefit of travel advisors and cruise lines worldwide. With its latest review intelligence, the firm will show travel experts how cruise brands are placed in the industry and compared to other products - all from the traveler's truthful viewpoint.

Big Data Brings Big Insights

The travel consumer, like almost every other industry, enjoys ratings and word of mouth. Travel experts must keep up to date on the opinions of their potential clients as well as the types of experiences that each ship can have. Since no travel agency has time to read through millions of reviews every day, the travel industry needs a more intelligent solution.

Cruisewatch, a startup, has been dealing with this very problem, developing technology capable of processing massive volumes of textual online reviews at once. Their strategy is focused on artificial intelligence and big data. As a result, they will automatically interpret and contextualize the written word of a customer review and assess the worth of a cruise.

Cruise Ratings and Customer Clustering

Behind the tech buzzwords of machine learning and natural language processing is machinery that offers deep insights into consumer satisfaction and emotions. Cruisewatch's technology contextualizes feedback, groups it into categories, and recognizes the most positive and negative aspects of a cruise ship and brand. It then summarises the gathered data, showing all ranking aspects at a glance.

Simultaneously, the intelligence collects demographic data from customers and correlates it with their statements: "There are no two similar customers. We segment the data based on the type of customer so that travel experts can make high-quality recommendations to their clients "Markus Stumpe, CEO of Cruisewatch, says. Cruisewatch intends to develop more smart cruise platforms to provide more useful insights into target groups and needs. To aid the industry's recovery from the Corona crisis, the company offers attractive offers to pilot customers.

About Cruisewatch is a cruise startup funded by investors. They have been working to innovate the travel industry since 2016. The company's current goal is to digitize travel agents and experts all over the world. The company's data-driven and AI-powered cruise technology enhances cruise advice and enhances the sales workflow. Their product portfolio includes everything from market transparency tools including pricing alerts to customer insights and matchmaking tools. All are designed in modules that can be consumed separately.



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