ETF Industry Leader Kevin Kelly Launches New Business, Introduces Cutting-Edge Suite of ETFs

Kelly ETFs | January 17, 2022

ETF Industry Leader Kevin Kelly
Kelly ETFs, a new exchange-traded fund (ETF) issuer that seeks to bring forward-looking and disruptive investment products to market, officially launches.

The firm’s first round of innovative ETFs also began trading, including:

The Kelly CRISPR & Gene Editing Technology ETF (Nasdaq: XDNA). XDNA is designed to capitalize on the next generation of healthcare by investing in companies disrupting the genomic and life science industries. The fund seeks to track the Strategic CRISPR & Gene Editing Technology Index, which measures the performance of developed market companies that specialize in DNA modification systems and technologies. The subsectors of this fund include CRISPR & Gene Editing Technology, Gene Editing Development Solutions and Gene Editing Sequencing Solutions.

The Kelly Hotel & Lodging Sector ETF (NYSE Arca: HOTL). The lodging ecosystem includes many specialized players, and by seeking to track the Strategic Hotel & Lodging Sector Index, HOTL offers exposure to companies focused on hotel and lodging management and operations, lodging platform services, timeshare properties and real estate throughout the developed world. The hotel and lodging sector acts as an effective economic barometer as it uniquely captures both leisure and business spending across various income levels.

The Kelly Residential & Apartment Real Estate ETF (NYSE Arca: RESI). RESI aims to track the Strategic Residential & Apartment Real Estate Sector Index, which targets the entire residential and multifamily real estate industry by giving investors access to companies specializing in single-family residential homes, apartment buildings, student housing and manufactured homes.

“At Kelly ETFs, we believe investors deserve access to strategies handcrafted with a deep and nuanced understanding of the forces driving the trends and transformations happening every day,We are particularly excited about the promising innovation occurring in CRISPR and gene editing technology. Scientific understanding of DNA is significantly more advanced today than even a few years ago and we’re thrilled to be in on the ground floor.”

-Kevin Kelly, Founder and CEO of Kelly ETFs.

Kevin Kelly is an established ETF expert with nearly two decades of financial industry experience. He also serves as the CEO of Kelly Benchmark Indexes, the index provider and sponsor of the SRVR and INDS ETFs.

In regard to residential real estate, historically low housing supply comes at a time when household growth – the primary driver of housing demand – is strong and accelerating,” noted Krista Kelly, who will oversee the firm’s operations and distribution. “Meanwhile, the hotel and lodging sector is seeing favorable market conditions as business spending is set to increase over the next several years.

Kelly Intelligence is the adviser and index provider for these funds. To learn more about Kelly ETFs and its product suite, please visit

About Kelly ETFs
Kelly ETFs strives to create disruptive exchange-traded funds (ETFs) that offer investors the opportunity to capture highly liquid, pure-play exposure to the best-in-class companies identified in each emerging theme or sector, regardless of geographical location. Based in Denver, the team is committed to building investment products with exposure to the world’s most transformative companies and industries. For more information, visit and Apartment Real Estate Companies Investing Risk. Real estate is highly sensitive to general and local economic conditions and developments. The U.S. real estate market may, in the future, experience and has, in the past, experienced a decline in value, with certain regions experiencing significant losses in property values. Many real estate companies, including REITs, utilize leverage (and some may be highly leveraged), which increases investment risk and the risk normally associated with debt financing, and could potentially increase the Fund’s volatility and losses.Hotel and Lodging Industry Risk Companies in the hotels, resorts sub-industry may be affected by unique supply and demand factors that do not apply to other sub-industries. Weak economic conditions in some parts of the world, changes in oil prices and currency values, political instability in some areas, and the uncertainty over how long any of these conditions could continue may have a negative impact on the lodging industry.

DNA Modification Technology Company Risk. DNA modification technology companies face intense competition, and products and services with a potentially short product life. These companies will generally require large amounts of capital expenditures on research and development, with no guarantee that the product or service would be successful. They may be heavily dependent on intellectual property rights. The laws related to these rights can vary and there is no guarantee that a company will be able to successfully protect their intellectual property rights. These companies, like other health care companies, are subject to various government and regulatory oversight that could hamper or impede their operations.


What exactly will the travel organization of the future look like? Attendees from around the globe came to EyeforTravel’s Digital & Data Strategies for Travel 2017 summit to find out. Read the free round-up report to see what their conclusions were. More than 250 digital and data professionals descended on Amsterdam, one of Europe’s most innovative cities, in November 2017 to get to grips with the strategies that would future-proof their organizations. Put in front of them were travel heavyweights from across the spectrum, including Accor,, NH Hotel Group, Skyscanner,, the Trainline, IATA, and The Travel Corporation.


What exactly will the travel organization of the future look like? Attendees from around the globe came to EyeforTravel’s Digital & Data Strategies for Travel 2017 summit to find out. Read the free round-up report to see what their conclusions were. More than 250 digital and data professionals descended on Amsterdam, one of Europe’s most innovative cities, in November 2017 to get to grips with the strategies that would future-proof their organizations. Put in front of them were travel heavyweights from across the spectrum, including Accor,, NH Hotel Group, Skyscanner,, the Trainline, IATA, and The Travel Corporation.

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