Introducing Ardor Travels - A Totally Customizable Business Travel Technology Solution

Ardor Travels | February 25, 2022

Introducing Ardor Travels
Ardor Travels is forever changing the business travel industry by introducing its all-new, technologically advanced travel and expense platform. It offers everything small and mid-sized businesses and their employees need, such as user-friendly hotel, flight and car booking, reporting and expensing completely accessible at their fingertips—all while being entirely customizable.

The platform was designed to empower both travelers and businesses with its unmatched benefits and capabilities, including:

Hyper Customization: No other business travel platform has the flexibility to be fully customizable. Businesses can set up profiles that are specific to their needs – from turning on or off desired inventory access, setting rate caps, system preferences, and much more.
  • Big Savings: Ardor offers substantially lower onboarding and booking fees than other travel solutions on the market with savings ranging from 20-45 percent off bookings. No software purchase or yearly maintenance costs required.
  • Booking Made Easy: Ardor's dashboard is accessed via mobile app and desktop, and features easy employee booking, travel-desk functionality for group bookings, clear operational flows, management approval process, and real-time reporting. Not only is Ardor Travels multi-currency, but it just released its full Spanish version for both mobile app and desktop.
  • Built for Travelers: Profile management, bookings, dashboard information, and expense reporting all in one for both business and leisure travel. Just click over to personal and enjoy all the benefits of recreational and family travel.
  • Value & Breadth of Options: Ardor offers a breadth of options for all major airlines, hotels and car rental companies throughout not only the U.S., but worldwide at a huge value. Discounts, ease of use, improved operational efficiencies and reporting, and expense management all equal a strong return on travel investment and an improved experience.
  • Total Transparency & Support: The monthly subscription fee for the Ardor Gold Plan (for Premium services), is the only fee users will encounter making it cost efficient and predictable, and although the platform is completely customizable, Ardor offers 24/7 customer support at no additional charge.

"In a rising cost environment, we built Ardor Travels to help businesses and employees take control of and improve the overall travel spend, process, and expense experience. The system is customized to their specific needs, providing peace of mind to the traveler knowing everything is taken care of at the touch of a button,The innovative platform is built to continue to add on functionality through new releases and great global inventory access - there's nothing in the industry quite like it."

-Ardor Travels CEO and Founder Keith Lamb.

Ardor's subscription based, SaaS model offers a completely customizable experience unlike any other, designed specifically for business travelers. Accessible via mobile or desktop, special focus has been given to user experience, intuitive designs and AI technology, ensuring industry compliance and efficient expense management. For more information, please visit

About Ardor Travel Technologies
Ardor Travel Technologies is a global, privately owned, disruptive business travel and expense management company comprised of a group of innovative entrepreneurs who have invested in and built travel and technology related companies over their careers. Ardor Travel Technology companies provide best-in-class products and technology with unparalleled access to amazing content and services. Through biometrics, artificial intelligence and machine learning their goal is to provide significant safety, financial and operational impact for their customers. Visit for more information.



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