New Travel Startup Upaway Launches First On-Demand Travel Support Concierge to Tackle Trip Chaos for Holiday Travelers

Upaway | December 24, 2021

New travel company Upaway is setting out to tackle Trip Chaos with the official launch of its on-demand support in time to service holiday travelers. Founded by Twitter alumna and DE&I thought leader Kayla Glanville, Upaway aims to disrupt the outdated consumer travel industry and make typically out-of-reach, premium travel support accessible and affordable to tackle travel stress.

To help people navigate today's uncertain travel landscape and avoid Trip Chaos, the company offers free travel advice and on-demand (human) trip support — without the high prices or hidden fees — available directly via +1 (213) 545-0903 (text or call) or Direct Message (DM) on Twitter and Instagram. App (iOS) is expected to launch in early 2022.

Upaway Concierge is a team of travel professionals who go above and beyond traditional booking services to make every trip a stress-free experience. From assisting travelers with bulky items (like gifts and carseats) and temperature-sensitive items (like medications or breast milk) to handling flight cancellations or re-bookings, Upaway Concierge offers travelers an on-demand alternative to waiting on hold with their hotels' or airlines' customer service lines.

Upaway saves travelers time, money, and energy by tackling the Trip Chaos facing so many travelers every day — and securing credits and refunds for things like flights and accommodations when things go awry. With an uptick in impacted holiday travel and COVID-19 variants on the rise, Upaway is supporting travelers who have historically been stuck to handle issues on their own and provides them with peace of mind as well as real-time Travel Risk Intelligence data for their destination, powered by Riskline.

"Between being a mom and working full time, planning a family trip wasn't in the cards. With one text, Upaway stepped in and took the stress of planning off my plate and now we have two family trips booked for 2022," 

-Upaway customer Katie P. of Portland, Oregon

Upaway's goal is to revolutionize the consumer travel industry by providing genuine, helpful customer service that large travel corporations have lacked for years. "While working on a consumer product like Twitter and helping airlines, hotels, and destination marketing organizations (DMOs) create relationships with their customers, it became clear that stellar service is often reserved for frequent business travelers," founder Kayla Glanville says of her time working at Twitter with the world's largest travel brands. She was particularly struck by the stark inequity between the business and everyday traveler experiences. "The result is dismal service, stress, and chaos for everyday folks. With Upaway, we're aiming to change that.

About Upaway
Upaway is travel app and SaaS platform based in California, founded by a queer woman, with an intersectional team working remotely around the world. Founded by former tech executive Kayla Glanville, Upaway offers free travel organization tools and connects travelers with on-demand (human!) travel concierge when they need it. It is currently in service via phone and text at +1 (213) 545-0903 and through Direct Message on Twitter and Instagram with a projected general launch of early 2021.


If you’re dreaming of a vacation, you’re not alone. Nearly half of people — no matter their age, income or gender — say vacation is one of their savings priorities. But how are they doing as they work toward that goal? Find out in this infographic from Fidelity Investments.


If you’re dreaming of a vacation, you’re not alone. Nearly half of people — no matter their age, income or gender — say vacation is one of their savings priorities. But how are they doing as they work toward that goal? Find out in this infographic from Fidelity Investments.

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