Tourism for Better Future, a Major Priority at ATM's Global Stage

Arabian Travel Market | May 17, 2021

The 28th edition of Arabian Travel Market (ATM), the region's largest travel and tourism showcase, returned to Dubai on May 16 to focus on Tourism for a Brighter Future during the opening session at ATM's Global Stage.

With the year 2021 ushering in a new era for travel and tourism, leading industry leaders from around the world kicked off the dialogue on the ATM Global Stage by providing insight into the factors behind the sector's rapid recovery. Vaccinations, market segmentation and technological innovations, travel corridors, marketing, and product diversification have all been identified as key factors of substantial recovery by 2023.

During the Tourism Beyond Covid Recovery session on the ATM Global Stage, tourism ministers and key industry stakeholders from the Gulf and Southern Europe convened to discuss the vast opportunities for travel, tourism, and hospitality presented by the potential return of mass leisure tourism, medical and educational travel, business events, and, beyond that, cross-cultural exchange.

This was followed by the ATM China Tourism Forum, which highlighted China's continued significance as a major source market for many MENA destinations, as well as the imminent return of inbound tourism from China as destinations such as Dubai approach "Covid-19 safe" status due to the success of their domestic vaccination drives.

Meanwhile, at the ATM Travel Forward theatre, delegates heard from world-class technology leaders who shared industry-leading perspectives about the role of technology in the future of travel.

ATM 2021 will host 67 conference sessions with over 145 local, regional, and international speakers throughout the four-day event. Attendees on the Global Stage will also be able to attend the hotel industry forum, the ATM Saudi Arabia Tourism Summit: Transformation through tourism, an International Tourism & Investment Conference (ITIC), an aviation panel, and a special session on lessons learned contributing to the recovery and ongoing resilience in global travel.

ATM 2021, inaugurated by His Highness Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, President of the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority, CEO and Founder of Emirates Group, and Chairman of Dubai World, will take place from May 17 to 19.


The actual travel experience might be fleeting, but memories—no matter how big or small—last forever. This is even more true for today’s digital traveler: Memories are shared with friends all over the world, travel decisions are made based on the recommendations of strangers, and opinions are shared on forums with thousands of fellow travelers.


The actual travel experience might be fleeting, but memories—no matter how big or small—last forever. This is even more true for today’s digital traveler: Memories are shared with friends all over the world, travel decisions are made based on the recommendations of strangers, and opinions are shared on forums with thousands of fellow travelers.

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Altitude Control Technology Unveils New Hospitality Solution for Mountain Hotels and Resorts

Altitude Control Technology | November 18, 2021

Altitude Control Technology (ACT), the altitude simulation leaders for the residential industry, unveiled ACT Hospitality, the newest altitude simulation solution for mountain hotels and resorts. ACT Hospitality allows hotels in high-altitude locations to mitigate their guests' altitude-related symptoms with its whole room oxygenation systems. Many high-altitude destinations, such as ski resorts, report guests experiencing classic signs of altitude sickness: difficulty sleeping, fatigue, headache and other symptoms when acclimating to the new environment, some of which require medical attention. At just 6,000 feet many people experience trouble sleeping, and, according to the Cleveland Clinic, about half of people who ascend to 8,000 feet will experience some form of altitude symptoms, and almost 75 percent of people will have effects at 10,000 feet. These symptoms can hinder the guest experience at mountain destinations and may even stop guests from engaging in the activities they came to enjoy. In many cases, some guests simply avoid visiting, wary of the impact of altitude. ACT Hospitality's new technology provides hotels with a complete altitude simulation environment right in the guest's room. Oxygen, air quality and barometric pressure are seamlessly monitored and adjusted to mimic sea level, providing guests with relief from altitude effects, better sleep quality, and an overall more pleasant stay. ACT's highly qualified and experienced team works directly with hotels to install the system. Additionally, ACT works with hospitality architects to integrate the system into the original design of a new hotel, during a renovation, or at a multi-family building. "To distinguish the guest experience, many mountain hotels invest in luxury services like spa treatments, fine dining, and ski valets. But if the guests aren't feeling well, the hotel's effort is wasted ACT Hospitality is a whole new approach to giving guests the award-winning experience they want while in the mountains, and it differentiates hotels among the competition while creating more loyal customers." -Bill Sinclair, President and CEO of ACT Like other heating, air conditioning and ventilation, ACT technology can be implemented in an entire hotel, or just in select guest rooms. The room's oxygenated environment is managed individually, so guests can set their preferred altitude setting on the sleek, modern touch screen. Unlike short-term altitude fixes like oxygen bars or canned oxygen, ACT Hospitality provides guests with a comfortable and seamless solution for their entire stay. Already, one world-renowned luxury hospitality brand has committed to implementing ACT in Arizona, with the desire to create more well-appointed rooms, and more pleasant sleep, for its discerning guests. We've spoken with dozens of hotels at mountain destinations, such as Aspen, Park City and Jackson Hole, and most tell us that combating guests' altitude symptoms is a real challenge and can even send guests packing," continued Sinclair. "We developed ACT Hospitality to resolve this, and we believe it will soon be a standard feature in all of the top mountain hotels and resorts. ACT has been in business for more than 20 years and in that time has implemented its altitude simulation technology in more than 400 luxury residences in virtually every noteworthy high-altitude ski area in North America. The company has also worked with dozens of universities, military and athletic organizations to create altitude simulation environments for research and training. ACT Hospitality builds on the company's decades of scientific research to be a turn-key solution for mountain hotels and resorts. About Altitude Control Technology Headquartered in Edwards, Colo., Altitude Control Technology (ACT) designs, develops, and installs whole room oxygenation systems to mitigate the effects of altitude sickness, enhance sleep quality, and improve general health and wellness. ACT is the world's leader in residential oxygenation systems, with hundreds of installs across all major high-altitude locations in North America. ACT Hospitality is the technology of choice for some of the world's most sophisticated hotels and resorts, and the company works research institutions the world over, including Harvard Medical School, the Mayo Clinic, the University of Colorado's Altitude Research Center, the Borgenicht Altitude Physiology Research Center at William & Mary, and the U.S Army Research Institute. Please visit to learn more.

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FXAIR Building an Experienced Leadership Team as Business Travel Shows Signs of Recovery

FXAIR | November 09, 2020

FXAIR, the premium on-demand charter provider that launched in July as the newest member of the Directional Aviation family of companies, has made two key additions to its senior leadership team. Assuming the role of Senior Vice President of Sales is Robert Shaplen, who previously held the same position at PrivateFly and also previously served as an award-winning advisor at XOJET. Michael Hall, who over the past decade has held senior sales roles for a variety of Directional Aviation companies, is transitioning from sales to serve as Senior Vice President of Operations.

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IACE Travel Launches LIVE Virtual Tour to Hidden Treasures in Japan Series

IACE Travel | October 26, 2020

In light of international flight restrictions, IACE Travel is offering a different route for travelers missing out on trips to Japan. With the cooperation of Kotohira Bus Company, IACE Travel launches a series of virtual tours to the "Hidden Treasures in Japan." Broadcast live from Japan, this virtual tour series brings tourists to some of Japan's lesser known towns and villages. This is a new way of taking virtual tours than has ever been experienced. Get an idea of where to go and how to prepare for your next trip!

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