Tourism Toronto unveils winter campaign

Travel Daily Media | January 10, 2020

Tourism Toronto launched a new campaign that puts a spotlight on winter and encourages visitors to get out and do more during winter. The new winter campaign positions the city with a bold message – the truly curious-minded explorers are never stopped by the change in season. Starting this January, Toronto’s winter experience takes centre stage with the introduction of Toronto Spotlight, highlighting the city’s celebrated and vibrant arts and culture scene, vast selection of culinary experiences, and top attractions and tours. The campaign includes 2-for-1 admission and special offers over four different ‘Spotlight Weekends’– providing visitors, and locals the opportunity to explore, discover and enjoy the city all winter long.



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Highgate Announces New Developments in Europe

Highgate | January 23, 2023

Highgate, a company involved in hotel management, investment, technology, and development, has announced the launch of HG Portugal, as well as the relaunch of the Dorsett City London Hotel. HG Portugal opens with a portfolio of 18 hotels in several Portuguese markets, including Lisbon, Algarve, and Porto. The portfolio includes hotels under the Hilton and IHG brand families and many notable independent hotels, such as Salgados Palace, Cascade Resort, and Sao Rafael Atlantico. In addition, the portfolio spans urban full-service hotels, waterfront luxury resorts, lifestyle boutique hotels, and large convention facilities, all drawing from core competencies across Highgate's global footprint. Highgate has selected Alexandre Solleiro as Chief Executive Officer of HG Portugal as part of its efforts to build a best-in-class operating capability in Portugal. Alexandre Solleiro brings more than 30 years of hospitality leadership expertise in Portugal, and he is supported by a dedicated leadership team from all disciplines. The team will leverage Highgate's existing resources and platforms in Europe, the Caribbean, the United States, and Latin America while also bringing specialized Portugal-based experience. Highgate brings global experience as an owner/operator in leisure destination markets and lifestyle, branded, and city-center hotels to the Portugal market. It adds unique value to its managed hotels via a platform designed to optimize distribution, operational efficiencies, and hotel concept development. The launch of HG Portugal follows the October 2021 announcement of two portfolio additions in the UK market: Grosvenor House Suites in London's Mayfair District and the Dorsett City London Hotel. As part of a more extensive repositioning, Highgate will also begin running the Dorsett City London Hotel using a relaunched concept on March 1, 2023. Arash Azarbarzin, Chief Executive Officer of Highgate, stated, "The launch of HG Portugal complements Highgate's recent re-entry into the UK management space, furthering the application of our proven business towards strategic global opportunities." He added, "Honed over the last 30 years, we will apply our innovative approach to operations, distribution, food and beverage, branding, and positioning during a remarkable moment for Portugal, as more travelers are discovering its magnificence as a prime destination." (Source – PR Newswire) About Highgate New York-based Highgate is a leading hospitality management and investment company. It is a prominent figure in the US gateway markets, which include Boston, Honolulu, Miami, San Francisco, and New York. It is also expanding its presence in Europe using properties in Barcelona and London. Highgate offers professional guidance at every stage of the hospitality property cycle, from development and planning to disposition or recapitalization. Highgate is a trusted partner for major hotel brands and top ownership groups, with an executive team comprised of some of the industry's most experienced hotel management leaders.

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Travelport Acquires Deem for Furthering Investment in Innovation

Travelport | March 13, 2023

Travelport, a global technology company for travel, has recently acquired Deem for further investment in innovation to modernize the retailing and corporate travel sector. This acquisition would improve Deem's speed to market and allow seamless integration of multi-source content. Deem is a modern technology solutions provider for the corporate travel industry and previously worked under Enterprise Holdings, a mobility solutions provider. It has a suite of online booking and travel technology products designed especially for business travelers, travel managers, travel-management companies and suppliers. It is making the corporate travel experience more efficient for all. It is entitled as one of the 'Fast Company's Most Innovative Companies of 2022'. It aims to continue growth in its share of the corporate travel business, and the Travelport's investment is further increasing that growth at a global level. Travelport is an established NDC leader and launched the end-to-end solution for American Airlines' NDC content. It plans to enhance its position with the swift technical integration of Deem company. It will avail Deem of the NDC offers, products and services. The NDC content is important for travel agencies, corporations and travelers, particularly those in North America. Currently, North American airlines are shifting some content exclusively to NDC. CEO of Travelport, Greg Webb said, "The game-changing acquisition of Deem by Travelport will fulfill a growing, post-pandemic need for a tight, fully-integrated corporate tool that will provide access to all multi-source content, including NDC." He added, "We've been laser-focused on investing in technology innovation, and Travelport+ has simplified the agency workflow, upgraded how travel content is curated, and enabled modern travel retailing. Now with the acquisition of Deem, Travelport will provide corporate travel with award-winning, complementary tools that are as revolutionary, modern, and easy-to-use as Travelport+." (Source – Cision PR Newswire) About Travelport Headquartered in Langley, Berkshire, Travelport, an information technology and services provider for travel, offers solutions for technology, travel commerce, travel, distribution, payment, airlines, travel agents, online travel agencies, travel management companies, corporate travel, B2B, cloud, search, business intelligence, data, and travel industry. It has been working as a worldwide travel retail platform since 1971. Its huge marketplace, Travelport+, connects buyers to sellers for exceptional travel experience and modern digital retailing. It is an independent platform providing solutions for complex travel ecosystems through innovation. It supports bookings of travel suppliers worldwide.

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BrainHQ Studies Importance of Brain Training for Space Travel

BrainHQ | March 10, 2023

BrainHQ, a brain training system, has recently announced the conclusion of its pilot study, showing that brain training can help space travel. The research was conducted with computerized brain training and Posit Science marketed it. The researchers found that space travel has a hazardous impact on the brain because of the gravitational forces involved in liftoff and landing, radiation, microgravity, and isolation. These impacts resulted in effects like intracranial pressure, impaired vision, vestibular dysfunction, altered fluid levels in veins and arteries, white matter changes, and premature aging. They grouped the astronauts having qualities like age, education and discipline who are employees from the Johnson Space Center for the Increasing Cognitive Ability/Reserve Using Software (ICARUS) pilot study. It tested their cognitive performance through its assessments and Cognition Test Battery, a software-based test dedicated to NASA. It trained five of these participants for about 15 hours of training, 18 sessions and over the 90 days. They improved on internal measures of its exercises with a 71% increase on average in primary performance metrics. On the NASA Cognition Test Battery, they showed 19% gains on average. With preliminary findings, the pilot study provided data and feasibility for further research. CEO of Posit Science, Dr. Henry Mahncke said, “These are exciting results in a new area, which is literally about the New Frontier.” He added, “Whether it’s returning to the moon or colonizing Mars, we know that addressing the cognitive challenges of long-term space flight is essential. These results fit nicely with what we’ve seen in building cognitive reserve in older adults and people recovering from brain injury and brain fog, as well as improving peak performers — such as special forces, law enforcement, or athletes — expected to perform at superhuman levels under extreme time and performance pressures.” (Source – Globe Newswire) About BrainHQ Headquartered in San Francisco, California, BrainHQ, a wellness and fitness services provider, has improved mental ability and performance since 2002. The international team of neuroscientists and brain experts tested its brain training system. Its exercise is scientific-based, and researchers validated its real benefits in their published papers. The experts design, test and redefine its online exercises for cognitive issues, healthy aging and mental conditions. It uses a special algorithm to adapt difficulty in each exercise at the optimum level. Its exercises are divided into different levels for a flexible period, depending on the personal training goals, on any computer or mobile device.

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