Travel Tech Braces For A More Diligent Approach To Corporate T&E

TravelPerk | January 25, 2021

Although the pandemic has likely always adjusted the manner in which organizations decide to cooperate with their workers, colleagues and different substances in topographies other than their own, business travel isn’t likely to die out entirely.

According to TravelPerk Co-founder and CEO Avi Meir, a look at consumer travel trends may offer insight into the future of business trips.

“There was a lot of traveling for leisure over the holidays,” he said in an interview with PYMNTS.

For sure, the traveler throughput delivered by the U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) discovered more than 9.2 million travelers went via air during the 10-day occasion stretch in 2020. Unexpectedly since the pandemic started, there were three days straight in which more than 1 million travelers traveled every day.


Explore the turquoise shores of St. Maarten as Royal Caribbean Adventurist Shay Mitchell raises the stakes in a high-speed yacht race, gets a taste of the wild side on a Rhino Safari, and then dives deep into the underwater world.


Explore the turquoise shores of St. Maarten as Royal Caribbean Adventurist Shay Mitchell raises the stakes in a high-speed yacht race, gets a taste of the wild side on a Rhino Safari, and then dives deep into the underwater world.

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ETF Industry Leader Kevin Kelly Launches New Business, Introduces Cutting-Edge Suite of ETFs

Kelly ETFs | January 17, 2022

Kelly ETFs, a new exchange-traded fund (ETF) issuer that seeks to bring forward-looking and disruptive investment products to market, officially launches. The firm’s first round of innovative ETFs also began trading, including: The Kelly CRISPR & Gene Editing Technology ETF (Nasdaq: XDNA). XDNA is designed to capitalize on the next generation of healthcare by investing in companies disrupting the genomic and life science industries. The fund seeks to track the Strategic CRISPR & Gene Editing Technology Index, which measures the performance of developed market companies that specialize in DNA modification systems and technologies. The subsectors of this fund include CRISPR & Gene Editing Technology, Gene Editing Development Solutions and Gene Editing Sequencing Solutions. The Kelly Hotel & Lodging Sector ETF (NYSE Arca: HOTL). The lodging ecosystem includes many specialized players, and by seeking to track the Strategic Hotel & Lodging Sector Index, HOTL offers exposure to companies focused on hotel and lodging management and operations, lodging platform services, timeshare properties and real estate throughout the developed world. The hotel and lodging sector acts as an effective economic barometer as it uniquely captures both leisure and business spending across various income levels. The Kelly Residential & Apartment Real Estate ETF (NYSE Arca: RESI). RESI aims to track the Strategic Residential & Apartment Real Estate Sector Index, which targets the entire residential and multifamily real estate industry by giving investors access to companies specializing in single-family residential homes, apartment buildings, student housing and manufactured homes. “At Kelly ETFs, we believe investors deserve access to strategies handcrafted with a deep and nuanced understanding of the forces driving the trends and transformations happening every day,We are particularly excited about the promising innovation occurring in CRISPR and gene editing technology. Scientific understanding of DNA is significantly more advanced today than even a few years ago and we’re thrilled to be in on the ground floor.” -Kevin Kelly, Founder and CEO of Kelly ETFs. Kevin Kelly is an established ETF expert with nearly two decades of financial industry experience. He also serves as the CEO of Kelly Benchmark Indexes, the index provider and sponsor of the SRVR and INDS ETFs. In regard to residential real estate, historically low housing supply comes at a time when household growth – the primary driver of housing demand – is strong and accelerating,” noted Krista Kelly, who will oversee the firm’s operations and distribution. “Meanwhile, the hotel and lodging sector is seeing favorable market conditions as business spending is set to increase over the next several years. Kelly Intelligence is the adviser and index provider for these funds. To learn more about Kelly ETFs and its product suite, please visit About Kelly ETFs Kelly ETFs strives to create disruptive exchange-traded funds (ETFs) that offer investors the opportunity to capture highly liquid, pure-play exposure to the best-in-class companies identified in each emerging theme or sector, regardless of geographical location. Based in Denver, the team is committed to building investment products with exposure to the world’s most transformative companies and industries. For more information, visit and Apartment Real Estate Companies Investing Risk. Real estate is highly sensitive to general and local economic conditions and developments. The U.S. real estate market may, in the future, experience and has, in the past, experienced a decline in value, with certain regions experiencing significant losses in property values. Many real estate companies, including REITs, utilize leverage (and some may be highly leveraged), which increases investment risk and the risk normally associated with debt financing, and could potentially increase the Fund’s volatility and losses.Hotel and Lodging Industry Risk Companies in the hotels, resorts sub-industry may be affected by unique supply and demand factors that do not apply to other sub-industries. Weak economic conditions in some parts of the world, changes in oil prices and currency values, political instability in some areas, and the uncertainty over how long any of these conditions could continue may have a negative impact on the lodging industry. DNA Modification Technology Company Risk. DNA modification technology companies face intense competition, and products and services with a potentially short product life. These companies will generally require large amounts of capital expenditures on research and development, with no guarantee that the product or service would be successful. They may be heavily dependent on intellectual property rights. The laws related to these rights can vary and there is no guarantee that a company will be able to successfully protect their intellectual property rights. These companies, like other health care companies, are subject to various government and regulatory oversight that could hamper or impede their operations.

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Tripadvisor Collaborates with Audible for the Ultimate Travel Audio Entertainment

Tripadvisor | September 14, 2021

As we are in the midst of travel planning or embarking on a long awaited adventure, Tripadvisor®, the world's largest travel guidance platform*, announced a collaboration with Audible, the leading creator and provider of premium audio storytelling. Together, the collaboration creates the ultimate travel content. Travelers will enjoy Audible's unmatched library of exclusive Originals, audiobooks and podcasts, and "Trip Playlists" created by Tripadvisor Plus that deliver people-powered travel guidance. From inspiring your budding bookworm with spots Tripadvisor travelers love visiting, highlighting international locations, spotlighting boundary-breaking travelers who will inspire you, and celebrating the best of what to see, shop and eat & drink in New York City. Collaboration Details & Benefits Now through November, this collaboration makes it easy for travelers to bring their favorite audio playlists with them during their next trip with just a few taps on their mobile device. No more heavy suitcases or cramming books into your carry-on! All U.S. Audible members and current free trial users: $30 off a year of Tripadvisor Plus* Tripadvisor Plus members: 90-day free trial to Audible Plus All Tripadvisor members: 30-day free trial to Audible Premium Plus "We're thrilled to collaborate with Audible to expand our Tripadvisor Plus member benefits outside of the traditional travel experience, which perfectly aligns with guiding and inspiring our travelers on the go. The ability to unlock unlimited access to thousands of audiobooks and special Audible-curated audio playlists is ideal for all vacation types - whether you're looking for great entertainment to accompany you through the great outdoors or the Big Apple," said Lindsay Nelson, chief brand and experience officer for Tripadvisor. "Tripadvisor guides travelers to find the perfect getaway and Audible is the destination for people who love quality audio storytelling, so together they're the ideal travel companion. We're so excited to offer Tripadvisor members the opportunity to pair their journeys with stories from some of the best creators and performers in the world drawn from the Audible collection of premium audio originals, audiobooks, and podcasts on their next road trip or plane ride," said Jane Winston, Director, Business Development at Audible. About Tripadvisor Tripadvisor, the world's largest travel guidance platform*, helps hundreds of millions of people each month** become better travelers, from planning to booking to taking a trip. Tripadvisor makes planning easy no matter the trip type. The subsidiaries of Tripadvisor, Inc., own and operate a portfolio of online travel brands and businesses.

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Grasp Technologies Partners With Traxo to Upgrade Its Popular Corporate Travel Data Management Solution

Grasp Technologies, Traxo | October 05, 2021

Grasp Technologies, the leader in data management, consolidation, payment integration, and data visualization for the corporate travel industry, announced its new partnership with Traxo, the global leader in corporate travel data capture and pre-trip auditing. The partnership provides corporate travel managers worldwide with the ability to see the most complete data picture of their companies’ business travel, including all on and off-platform bookings, within Grasp’s robust data and intelligence suite. An industry leader for more than 25 years, Grasp serves more than 150,000 corporate travel departments in over 70 countries through its footprint. “The corporate travel industry needs a truly complete, accurate, and timely data solution for tracking and consolidating all aspects of a travel program – a true end-to-end platform that delivers actionable, real results, At Grasp, we have worked tirelessly on this problem for over 20 years and have created the technology, data consolidation, and data management processes to ensure the most accurate and timely data for our clients, but we were missing one piece – one of the most, if not the most important one – un-managed booking data or travel leakage. Traxo has solved that problem.” said Grasp Technologies Chief Sales Officer Dave Lukas Managing travel data has been a challenge for corporate travel departments in that it is disparate, disjointed, and fragmented across many different systems and platforms, and lacks timeliness. This complexity prevents companies from effectively providing duty of care for traveling employees, or proactively managing business travel expenses, which are traditionally the second largest controllable expense in a corporation. Compounding the issue further is that employees often book their travel outside the company’s mandated travel policy, travel agency, and/or booking tool, essentially making these travel plans invisible to the corporation. In fact, according to travel bookings made by Grasp clients in 2017 through 2019, an average of 40 percent of all business travel bookings were made outside the corporate travel policy. The total amount of “leakage” or invisible bookings by segment were, Railway: 64 percent, Hotels: 57 percent, Car Rental: 34 percent, Airlines: 5 percent. As a result of this new partnership with Traxo, for the first time in two decades, Grasp can now offer its users a simple way to finally view and incorporate these previously invisible bookings into their data platform. “With our unique ability to capture all travel bookings, regardless of whether they were booked directly with a travel supplier or within the company-mandated travel program or not, Grasp’s clients now can not only track their off-channel bookings, but be able to take action on these bookings, pre-trip, “This gives them the opportunity to ensure they’re receiving their corporate negotiated discounts, re-shop the flight, hotel, rental car, or rail booking to obtain the best available prices, or provide coverage for duty-of-care purposes.” said Traxo Founder and Chief Executive Officer Andres Fabris. “By combining the power of our two solutions, we have solved one of the greatest data challenges in our industry and have created a solution that allows clients to go further in managing their travel program like never before,” Lukas noted. As part of the agreement, Grasp is using the Traxo technology internally to help better manage its own business travel, and Grasp is now a Traxo Marketplace partner, so it can automatically receive structured travel data from Traxo’s corporate clients. The companies will be expounding on their new partnership during a free webinar scheduled for tomorrow, October 5, 2021, at 11:00 a.m. Eastern Time. Interested parties may register at the link below: About Grasp Technologies Founded in 1996, Grasp Technologies works extensively in the worldwide travel industry, providing data management, consolidation, payment integration and data visualization for the travel industry and other industries. Grasp differentiates itself by helping clients navigate changing business environments by providing the custom combinations of reporting and predictive analysis. Grasp Technologies has offices in San Diego, California, and Columbus, Ohio. About Traxo Dallas-based Traxo, Inc., the global leader in corporate travel data capture and pre-trip auditing, eliminates blind spots and enhances duty of care by enabling corporate travel managers and managed travel agencies to easily track and proactively manage complete omnichannel travel activity in a single, real-time, system of record. Founded in 2008, Traxo clients and partners include Amex GBT, United Airlines, Lufthansa, Easy Jet, Tripadvisor, Chrome River / Emburse, Coupa, International SOS, WorldAware, and many more. Two recent Business Travel News Travel Managers of the Year use Traxo, and The Business Travel Magazine recently named the Company to its 2021 Tech HotList, a list of the “top tech innovators shaking up the industry.” With Traxo, corporations reduce risk, improve traveler safety and maximize savings

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