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Tripism and BCD Travel Collaborate to Replace the Corporate Travel Intranet

Tripism, a leading business travel planning platform provider, today announced a collaboration with BCD Travel, one of the world's top corporate travel management companies. Tripism will use BCD Travel's Travel Data API to integrate joint client booking data back into its platform as part of this partnership.

Tripism can identify when a traveler is returning from a trip using this trip data from BCD Travel, triggering a communication at the ideal moment to request feedback. It is therefore extremely simple for a traveler to share reviews, feedback on Covid-19 safety measures, and other insights to enable better trip planning. As travel returns, this information will be invaluable in rebuilding traveler confidence and building supplier relationships.

The complexity and rate of change in the information that travel teams need now communicate to passengers exceed traditional, high-touch approaches. Many organizations try to maintain a travel intranet that can capture and organize the information employees need to travel safely. Tripism's personalized platform effortlessly combines information from multiple sources and presents it appealingly, engaging travelers and ensuring they get the information they need, when they need it.

Tripism joined BCD Travel's SolutionSource Marketplace as a result of this new collaboration. The SolutionSource Marketplace allows BCD Travel clients to browse for and select third-party solutions that easily connect to their travel package to fit their corporation's particular needs.

“Traveler reassurance is critical as we prepare to return to travel. “The Tripism partnership gives our clients a platform to engage with their travelers and build trust,” said Yannis Karmis, Sr. Vice President, Product Planning & Development at BCD Travel. “As travel increases in 2021, information will be more important than ever, changing on an hourly basis. Tripism combines dynamic, travel-critical data in a simple and relevant manner, allowing our clients and their workers to make informed decisions when planning their trips.”

“Tripism and BCD Travel are strong believers in the value that technology can bring to the future of travel management,” said Tripism CEO Adam Kerr. “Through this collaboration, more corporations will have access to all of the trip planning information employees need to safely re-enter the world of business travel, re-establishing travel as a productive, enjoyable, and safe part of working life.”



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