Vacasa Breaks Down Spring’s Top Travel Trends & Destinations

Vacasa | February 14, 2022

Vacasa Breaks Down Spring’s Top
As the season for Spring Break approaches, Vacasa (NASDAQ: VCSA) teamed up with Allison + Partners to see how many Americans are packing their bags, where they are heading, and what’s motivating their vacation plans. The survey* findings, released today in Vacasa’s 2022 Spring Travel Trends report, unearthed that travel is abloom this season—particularly for remote workers, millennials and parents—and that more people are planning to travel specifically for Spring Break 2022 compared to last year.

In the spirit of spring cleaning, Vacasa also scrubbed its search data to reveal the most popular destinations for vacation rentals this March, including Destin, Florida, and Gulf Shores, Alabama, among other sandy locales. Nearly one-third of travelers are booking vacation rentals for their spring getaways, because of value for money (65%) and/or access to a full kitchen (56%), according to the survey results. Those perks come in handy for the parents of young children, nearly half (49%) of whom say they’re opting for a vacation home as their lodging of choice.

Here’s a first look at a few of the travel trends expected to crop up and take root this season, with the full trend report available on
  • More than half (56%) of Americans are planning a trip this spring and 37% are planning to travel during Spring Break, specifically—an increase from the 29% who were traveling for Spring Break 2021.
  • The likelihood of travel is even higher for hybrid workers (86%), millennials (75%) and parents (63%), who are most likely to be packing their bags in the months to come.
  • Welcome back, friend. While one’s partner and/or kid(s) are still the go-to spring travel companions, the number of people planning to vacation with friends jumped from 16% in 2021 to 23% this year.
  • It’s near-even though on what motivates people most when it comes to travel: 32% of respondents said where they're going, while 28% said who they’re going with. But, even so, family and friend events like reunions and birthdays were the activities most likely to encourage a trip in 2022 (45% and 32%, respectively).
  • American travelers are mostly staying planted on U.S. soil, with 75% planning a domestic trip, 23% springing for a staycation, and 18% heading international—which is near-even with how many people planned to travel abroad in Summer 2019.
  • Of those planning to travel this spring, 75% say they plan to travel more frequently in 2022 than they did in 2021.

*Allison+Partners Research + Insights surveyed 1,000 individuals over the age of 18 in the United States. The survey was fielded using the Qualtrics Insight Platform, and the panel was sourced from Lucid. Fielding was executed in January 2022.

About Vacasa
Vacasa is the leading vacation rental management platform in North America, transforming the vacation rental experience by integrating purpose-built technology with expert local and national teams. Homeowners enjoy earning significant incremental income on one of their most valuable assets, delivered by the company’s unmatched technology that adjusts rates in real time to maximize revenue. Guests can relax comfortably in Vacasa’s 35,000+ homes across more than 400 destinations in North America, Belize and Costa Rica, knowing that 24/7 support is just a phone call away. In addition to enabling guests to search, discover and book its properties on and the Vacasa Guest App, Vacasa provides valuable, professionally managed inventory to top channel partners, including Airbnb, and Vrbo.


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Learners are supposed to pronounce right from the start. Either during the learning of vocabulary or during class (speaking the target language from the first moment). While this approach is believed to be particularly “modern” it is not brain-friendly. Consider that babies listen to language for months before they try to imitate some of the sounds heard over and over while we expect language learners to immediately imitate sounds they are not yet familiar with.

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Travel Advisors See Strong Demand for Luxury Trips This Summer

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Dream destinations, multigenerational vacations and a desire for unique experiences are some of the trends driving luxury travel for the summer in 2022, according to travel advisors from the Global Travel Collection (GTC). The United Kingdom tops the list of international destinations booked by GTC travel advisors, a spot it's held for the last five years. Other places in the top 15 include Italy, France, Israel, Spain, Switzerland, Mexico, the United Arab Emirates, Greece and Germany, followed by South Africa, Ireland, Australia, the Dominican Republic and Portugal. Luxury travel advisors with GTC brands report that their clients are excited to travel again, with some booking multiple trips. And they're willing to spend more to get the vacation experience they want. But that high demand is driving up prices, and hotels are stretched thin due to staffing shortages, limiting availability. "Europe is in high demand this summer, with destinations like Greece, Spain, Portugal and Italy the most booked, My luxury travel clients do a combination of experiences, like cooking classes, hiking/biking excursions and immersive activities connecting them to the place, as well as making sure they have dining reservations at the top spots." -Tiffany Bowne, with All Star Travel Group, a brand within Global Travel Collection. Carolyn Consalvo, with Global Travel Collection's Andrew Harper, remarked that beach vacations and Alaska cruises are very popular. "I would say most people are looking for destinations where they can be outdoors a majority of the time," she said. "Bucket lists are becoming to-do lists,Many of my clients want to travel to their dream locations," with destinations as varied as the Maldives, southern Italy's Amalfi coast, Australia and Hawaii. -Shayna Mizrahi, with In The Know Experiences, also part of Global Travel Collection Remote work has also opened up new possibilities, she added. "The demographics of my most active luxury travelers today are young professionals, who now can work remotely from anywhere and are choosing to combine this with unique luxury trips. Luxury travelers are eager to make up for the time they couldn't spend seeing the world with friends and family over the past two years. I'm doing multiple multigenerational trips — grandparents not wanting to miss any more time and taking their family on an unforgettable trip of two to three weeks, said Diana Castillo, with Protravel International of Global Travel Collection. Laura Triebe, also with Andrew Harper, is also handling more requests for multigenerational vacations and bucket-list destinations like Hawaii and Africa. I think the client that calls now is more serious about traveling and is willing to adjust to an ever-changing world. With rising prices and limited availability in some vacation spots, luxury advisors are putting their skills and experience to the test. Clients are willing to pay to get what they want," and that includes upgrading their accommodations, said Michelle Summerville, with In The Know Experiences. More people want to travel in the best way possible, better than they have in the past," she said. The greatest challenge in selling luxury travel right now is the severely limited space and availability for flights and hotel rooms in the most desirable destinations, said Leslie Tillem, with Tzell Travel Group of Global Travel Collection. We are seeing extraordinary demand in luxury travel across the spectrum, leading to a lack of availability at any price. Bridget Kapinus, with Andrew Harper, concurs. Demand is high for last-minute travel. She's also contending with factors like a scarcity of hotel rooms and higher costs for flights. Travelers who had never used an advisor before started to seek them out to help navigate COVID-19 entry and testing requirements. Now, they're sold on the value of a travel professional. "Your time is precious, and you want the assistance of an expert to help you plan your vacation, said Angie Licea, President of the Global Travel Collection. Our luxury travel advisors have years of experience putting together trips for their clients, as well as firsthand knowledge of the world's most popular destinations. They stay on top of the trends in luxury travel and deliver concierge-level service. Plus, travelers have the comfort of knowing that there's a human being they can call whenever they have a question or concern. My travels throughout these past 18 months have been our best marketing,said Castillo, of Protravel International. "We have shown our clientele that travel can be pleasant and enjoyable and that we can help set up all the requirements they may need in order to make their vacation seamless. Mizrahi, with In The Know Experiences, has also been sharing details about her travels, something her clients appreciate immensely. Her firsthand experience "is something that no Google search or website can provide. About Global Travel Collection Global Travel Collection (GTC), a division of Internova Travel Group, is the world's largest collection of international luxury travel agencies, including the well-established networks of Protravel International, Tzell Travel Group, and Colletts Travel, as well as Andrew Harper, In the Know Experiences, All Star Travel Group and R. Crusoe & Son. GTC advisors and agencies are industry leaders in providing premium travel services to leisure travelers, corporate executives and the entertainment industry. The combined global reach and leverage translates into value, recognition, and preferential treatment for its world travelers. About Internova Travel Group Internova Travel Group is one of the largest travel services companies in the world with a collection of leading brands delivering high-touch, personal travel expertise to leisure and corporate clients. Internova manages leisure, business and franchise firms through a portfolio of distinctive divisions. Internova represents more than 70,000 travel advisors in over 6,000 company-owned and affiliated locations predominantly in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom, with a presence in more than 80 countries.

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