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Amadeus sees more room to grow in North America

May 27, 2019 / Jamie Biesiada

Amadeus attributed its nearly 15% jump in North American air bookings in the first quarter to its continued investment in the market, which it said was its fastest-growing region. Amadeus' travel agency air bookings globally increased 1.6% in the quarter. Rajiv Rajian, Amadeus' executive vice president of business travel and head of Travel Channels for the Americas, said the company has made an effort in recent years to expand in North America with both employees and its business in the market."The size and scale of this market, it lends itself to being where we do want to have a presence," Rajian said. "We do want to grow and be part of this market." North America has steadily become a bigger part of Amadeus' business. In 2014, 13.6% of Amadeus' total air bookings through travel agencies came from the North American market. By the first quarter of 2019, that number had increased to 21%.