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Most Americans Plan to Travel This Summer

May 29, 2019 / Daniel B. Kline

For many Americans, summer means a chance to take a break. Kids are off from school, many offices offer shortened workdays on Fridays, and countless people save up some of their vacation days to hit the road.The warm weather lends itself to travel. In addition, a strong economy and low unemployment give people the confidence needed to take time off.Those factors all contribute to why 71% of Americans plan to take a vacation this summer (from May through September), according to a new survey from Discover. That's up from 58% last year. While lots of people are hitting the road (or taking to the skies), most have very modest travel plans. More than half (55%) of respondents who plan to take a vacation said it will last one to three days. That compares with 21% planning a four-to-six-day trip, 12% going away for a week, and 6% who will be traveling for eight to 13 days. Only 5% expect to take a vacation that lasts two weeks or more.