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The Only Way To Travel With Your Pets Safely And Happily This Holiday Season

December 17, 2018 / Rebecca Lindland

Americans love their pets. Forty-three  percent of U.S. households are home to some type of fur-, feather- or scale-covered creature, and none of their owners seemingly want to leave them alone while out and about. That goes double during the holidays. As we embark on adventures over the river and through the woods this holiday season, there is one sure-fire way to keep our pets safe when riding in car. Keep your creature in a secured pet carrier, or at least restrained them with a proper harness. According to AAA, nearly 83 percent of pet owners agree that an unrestrained dog (let alone a curious cat or critter) in a moving car can be dangerous. Nearly a quarter of those surveyed admitted to using a hand or arm to hold a dog in place when putting on the brakes, and nearly one in five say they’ve used hands and arms to keep a dog from climbing from the backseat into the front. This is a prime example of distracted driving, which can prove to be deadly to every one in the car...