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The State Department Issues Worlwide Travel Warning Ahead Of Fourth Of July

July 04, 2018 / Scott Dylan

The State Department is urging United States citizens to be cautious while traveling overseas for the Fourth of July and the rest of the summer. American citizens who are using the time off around Independence Day for vacations should be aware that safety risks exist around the world. Factors like political violence, political demonstrations, criminal activities and terrorist attacks can create hazardous situations for American citizens in foreign countries. The State Department just issued a reminder that travelers should maintain a high level of vigilance while traveling around the world this summer. In addition, American travelers are being told to practice proper situational awareness when spending time in foreign countries. People should also be vigilant while enjoying Fourth of July celebrations domestically. The summer travel advisory that was just issued by the State Department comes after a man with links to Al-Qaeda was allegedly caught plotting a bombing during Cleveland'...