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Tips to stay fit while on holiday

July 20, 2018 / CLINTON MOODLEY

Watching the sunrise from your hotel balcony, sipping cocktails on a yacht or enjoying a meal at a fine-dining restaurant are just some ways travellers would want to spend their much-needed holiday. But experts are urging them to add one more activity to their list: exercise. While exercise is probably the last thing a person wants to do on their holiday, at least 20 minutes of it can have health benefits and will leave one feeling great. Menzi Ndlovu, a fitness trainer, said a break from exercise when on holiday may not be a good idea.“Just the thought of letting that hard-earned summer body slip away in the sluices of sangria and a stream of snacks should be enough to deter you, but if it isn’t, exercise during vacations helps stave off, or minimise, the associated holiday bulge.“For those that are doing a decent amount of travelling, exercise ensures you have the energy to keep up with a hectic schedule. Starting off with a little jog or weight session or yoga shou...