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Travelport steps up NDC roll-out in Asia-Pacific with ‘live’ Qantas bookings

December 02, 2019 / Buying Business Travel

Travelport has processed live bookings of Qantas’s NDC content via its Trip Services API. These follow a series of “live NDC test bookings” made in the past few months. The agency partners taking part in the test programme include ATPI and Maxim’s Travel, which have both been using the Trip Services API this year. Last month, Travelport also signed a multi-year content agreement with TAP Air Portugal to deliver NDC standard connections. Travelport claims the platform “improves customer experience by enhancing the airline’s retailing, booking and servicing capabilities and delivering enhanced personalised content tailored to meet a travellers’ unique needs”. It is currently connected to five airlines’ NDC content.