5 Key Trends in Tourism and Destination Marketing

Marketing destinations and tourism attractions require a unique combination of content marketing, digital advertising, social media, and email marketing. In this webinar, JB Media Institute co-founders and lead instructors Justin Belleme and Sarah Benoit will share five key trends to better market your business or organization, including growth and expansion of Instagram advertising, the increased importance of diversifying your video production strategy, and the power of Google grants to drive free traffic for organizations like museums and historic attractions. Register for our webinar to learn more about these three trends and to uncover the final two.
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The Future of Hospitality Technology

Dish Business

How guests & owners can benefit from technological innovation Smart Hotels of the Future As hotel operators seek technology solutions to improve and elevate the in-room entertainment experience, what things should they consider? What are the tech investments owners can make today to further improve their platforms?
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Shaping the hotel’s commercial needs post Covid


Shaping the hotel’s commercial needs post Covid Hospiality industry panel by Revenue Forum with industry experts from Oaky, OTA Insight, RateGain, IDeaS, and Demand Calendar.
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How Travelbots are shaping the future of the traveller experience


EyeforTravel webinar from and Edwardian Hotels where we discuss how travelbots can improve your customer experience while reducing costs, as well as how chat bots are currently being used in the travel industry.
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WEBINAR: PATA Membership – Take Your Travel Business to the Next Level

Pacific Asia Travel Association

Discover how your organisation can tap into PATA’s nearly seven decades of tourism knowledge and travel networking experience through the upcoming webinar.
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