6 Ways to Save Money on Business Travel

While corporations have intensified the focus on traveler satisfaction in managed travel programs, savings remains a top priority. What are the best ways to drive savings in managed travel and what are some of the innovative new practices to stretch travel dollars? Listen as travel managers and an industry consultant share their tips during this 60-minute BTN Group thought-leadership webinar, sponsored by TripActions.
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How Business Travel Becomes More Sustainable

Why does the travel industry need to talk about sustainability at all; How can travel help us achieve the 2030 agenda; Where in the travel journey can we become greener; What should we pass down to the next generation of travelers and employees?
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Ready for take off

What United Airlines and IHG are doing to simplify business travel What opportunities lie ahead for United Airlines for growth and new routes as skies open up again How IHG is expanding their network to support the return of business travel How customer experience continues to drive innovation
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Acorn Association Webinar: Google Search vs. Travel

Did you know Google is the #1 provider of bookings for most lodging providers? As Google marketing continues to evolve, successful lodging property owners understand how to adapt to these changes. Today, traditional, organic placement and resulting bookings continue to diminish as Local Google Travel bookings continue to increase. What’s more, traditional SEO has little to do with top visibility in Google Travel. We invite you to attend this session so you can understand the difference and learn strategies to increase your visibility in Google Travel.
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Step up your savings and traveler satisfaction


The question, Did you enjoy your trip? may not be top of mind for senior finance and procurement managers, but it should. Traveler satisfaction is often overlooked in a travel program when it comes to savings, even though it plays a striking, if indirect, role in business outcomes.With the pressure of creating savings within travel, procurement leaders often default to tightening policies which lead to unhappy travelers.
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