Best Practices in Business Travel: Booking

With so many ways to book business travel, what are industry best practices for managed travel programs? How should companies configure, communicate and set policies that best balance compliance and savings with traveler satisfaction and experience?  Register now to hear leading practitioners share their experiences and practices in this 60-minute BTN Group thought-leadership webinar sponsored by Air Canada.
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How Travelers Are Booking Experiences in Destinations


NEXTFactor presented a webinar yesterday with Steve Paganelli, Head of Destination Marketing in the Americas for TripAdvisor, focusing on the technologies and market drivers shifting how consumers are searching destinations and booking travel experiences online.
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The Service Evolution – Keeping Ahead of Changing Travel Needs

What would the service expectations of your business travel programme look like if you were creating them from scratch today? The needs of business travellers have evolved, and a more personalized experience has never been more relevant. The way we work has changed. Hybrid and remote work is here to stay and our expectations of tech are higher than ever. However, with the challenges and complexities the global travel industry faces, delivering trust, confidence and excitement in a business travel program remains essential.
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How To Sell Africa with Goway


From spectacular scenery, wonderful wildlife, rich history and culture and beautiful beaches, the African continent truly offers something to suit all your clients’ needs. Join David Kennedy Gale as he shares his expert insight into popular areas, and tips on how to position Africa to your client creating great value propositions and once in a lifetime experiences.
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Travel Intelligence: Utilizing data to enhance journeys and shape experiences


To win in the online travel space, agencies must show customers that they are valued and treat them personally.This all starts with the right data.With Travelport’s data capabilities you can gather insights from across the traveler lifecycle and deliver a relevant, personalized service that matches the individual's needs and desires.Tune in to learn about Travelport’s data vision and how to use data to shape your customer engagements and drive business growth.
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