Bleisure in Managed Travel: How and Why to Embrace

Travelers are embracing the concept of bleisure travel combining business trips with leisure extensions before or after work assignments but are companies embracing it?  If so, why and how?Listen as corporate travel executives discuss the surge in this trend and demographics of those most interested, as well as the challenges and opportunities that companies encounter in trying to develop policies and practices around bleisure trips. Listen as suppliers discuss how they’re working with corporate partners to engage travelers, book more travel and strengthen partnerships in this BTN Group thought-leadership webinar sponsored by Cvent Hospitality Cloud.
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Tackle Disruption in the Travel Industry


Join Ipsos’ John Flesta and other expert panelists as they share their thoughts on emerging trends and this year’s outlook for the travel industry.
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3 reasons why you need managed travel


Curious about the benefits of moving to a managed travel program? Moderately managed travel programs can cut 10-12 percent of travel costs and strongly managed programs can save 20 percent or more. In this webinar, we discuss how you can save time and money and keep your employees safe and happy by partnering with a travel management company.
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Quebec Region Webinar

Online Experiences

Canada is beautiful destination that can be visited year-round and is well known for its scenic beauty, wilderness, people and their culture. Canada is vast and cannot be completed in a single visit; we have designed a series of webinars to provide a unique platform for tour operators to create a multitude of itineraries for longer duration, multiple journeys and thus increased income opportunities.
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Egyptian Experiences

Enchanting, engaging, elegant Egypt! The gods, the Pharaohs, the land and the people have all had a hand in forming Egypt, and they become a part of your stories as well. The only official wonder of the Ancient World still standing – The Great Pyramid of Giza – is only one of our highlights of the ancient wonders of Egypt. We will explore more than six thousand years of history as we uncover the culture and culinary talents that created this lasting world along the Nile. Come visit and get a feel for the allure of the Nile, and exciting Cairo with all of its mysteries and discoveries. Unearth new and old things, tastes and treasures. Enjoy 5-star service aboard a Nile cruise and touch ancient temples and stones. Be enchanted by the history, culture and food of this great place and you may find yourself longing to return. Experience, explore and enjoy in Egypt!
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