Canada Winter Wonderland & Festivals 2019

Canada is beautiful destination that is well known for its scenic beauty, wilderness, people and their culture. Canada is vast and cannot be completed in a single visit; we have designed a series of webinars to provide a unique platform for tour operators to create a multitude of itineraries for longer duration, multiple journeys and thus increased income opportunities.
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Managing Disputes in the Hospitality Industry

This webinar is specific to the Hospitality Industry and provides information on where disputes originate during the customer journey and how to prevent & manage those disputes. This webinar will also highlight the updated Damages & Smoking Fee Policy that goes into effect in October 2019.
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What You Need to Know for a Successful Global Mobility Program

Traveling or relocating employees internationally can seem like a daunting prospect for a company. While there can be many steps involved in international mobility, having a strategy and the right information can make the process simple. Join Dan Morris, Director & Counsel at Newland Chase for a session on getting started in global travel.
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Industry Webinar - Travel and Hospitality

The travel and hospitality industry occupies a unique place in regard to digitization. Bookings for flights and hotels, as well as subsequent transactions are all migrating to a fully digital experience, yet a huge part of the customer experience remains connected to physical locations and face-to-face interaction.
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Accessible Tourism

tourism australia

This webinar outlines the current size of the market for travellers with accessibility needs as well as Australian research into drivers/barriers to accessible tourism, the needs of travellers with a disability and those who travel with them, the most effective communication channels to reach this audience, and more.
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