Canada Winter Wonderland & Festivals 2019

Canada is beautiful destination that is well known for its scenic beauty, wilderness, people and their culture. Canada is vast and cannot be completed in a single visit; we have designed a series of webinars to provide a unique platform for tour operators to create a multitude of itineraries for longer duration, multiple journeys and thus increased income opportunities.
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Webinar The Ultimate Unmanaged-to-Managed Travel Checklist

If you’ve never managed corporate travel before, it’s difficult to know where to begin — Which features make sense for your business and employees? How much visibility and reporting will you get? Will traveling employees even bother to use it in the first place? Hosted by TripActions Director of Customer Success Sam Peters and M
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Explorers Wanted: Who is the ideal client for Polar travel?

Quark Expedition

Who is the ideal client for Polar travel? Join Quark Expeditions, the Leader in Polar Adventures, for an expert-lead "how to" on discovering the key demographics of polar travelers and how you likely already have them in your database. Learn which destinations of the Arctic and Antarctic appeal to particular travel styles, walking away with a high comfort level of recommending specific polar itineraries. Finally, learn how our newest ship Ultramarine is back to sailing and changing the face of polar travel.
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Destination Germany Specialist


The Germany Specialist Program is designed to help sell destination Germany more effectively to their customers, understand the varied regions and touristic offerings in Germany and offer different products based on the needs of different customers. Explore Germany through four informative modules and learn about the incredible array of things to do, vibrant hidden gems and diversity of the destination itself.
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Digital Advertising in China for Travel Brands

Dragon Trail Interactive

Advertising and media buy can draw attention to your brand or destination, serve campaigns to more viewers, and affect what kind of information travelers find about you first. In the April session of Dragon Trail’s webinar series, we’ll show you how digital advertising looks, works and costs in China for travel brands, from Baidu SEM and media buy on Chinese travel review sites, to advertising campaigns on OTAs and social media channels.
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