CCRA Travel Agency Training : Presenting Task

Join CCRA's Margie Jordan and Tammy Levent as they introduce you to the Travel Agent Success Kit, better known as TASK - an amazing line of products developed to help travel agents take their business to the next level.
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Learn more about Taiwan with Super Value Tours

The Travelweek Learning Center

Super Value Tours' webinar will focus on Taiwan tours and highlight local sights, food, accommodations and more. During the webinar we will also show agents how to use the Super Value Tours' website to check for tour dates and details.
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Fondation Tourisme Jeunesse

Being sick abroad, we’ve all been there... In this second webinar, Stephanie Huff (author of the blog The Pink Backpack), Arianne Méthot (Coordinator of the Youth Travel Foundation) and Marie-Gil Fabris (Marketing Coordinator at HI Canada) give you tips to remain in good physical and mental health, no matter the destination!
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Ready for take off

What United Airlines and IHG are doing to simplify business travel What opportunities lie ahead for United Airlines for growth and new routes as skies open up again How IHG is expanding their network to support the return of business travel How customer experience continues to drive innovation
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Industry Webinar - Travel and Hospitality

The travel and hospitality industry occupies a unique place in regard to digitization. Bookings for flights and hotels, as well as subsequent transactions are all migrating to a fully digital experience, yet a huge part of the customer experience remains connected to physical locations and face-to-face interaction.
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