Webinar: A Path to Business Recovery in a Post-Covid World

Following the COVID-19 outbreak, finance leaders now have an important opportunity to help stabilize and begin the recovery process for their business. Driving business recovery in today’s economy starts with focusing on essential revenue-generating activities--including business travel. View this discussion hosted by an
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How APIs can benefit your travel brand


We brought together experts from TIBCO Mashery, Air France-KLM and IATA to discuss the rise of APIs and how brands are already improving their distribution utilizing them.
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Dublin: Surprising by nature!

The Travelweek Learning Center

Unexpected moments, epic adventures and all that can happen in between – Dublin is the ultimate city experience. With its seamless blend of classic visitor sights, exciting social scene and the natural playgrounds of Dublin Bay and Dublin Mountains framing it on all sides, this laidback city is an adventure in itself. Whether your clients are looking for a fast-paced city break or relaxation along the coast, Dublin has it all!
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Is Traveler Engagement Really Worth the Effort?

BCD Travel

Changing traveler behavior is never easy. So why bother? There's good reason. Get your travelers engaged to increase traveler satisfaction and hotel savings. In this “In The Know” webinar, sponsored and developed by BCD Travel, you’ll hear what actions program managers can take to drive traveler engagement. Hear first-hand how the travel team at Ingersoll Rand grew engagement, which ultimately resulted in a 28 percent increase in hotel-to-trip-night bookings. Ask your own questions of our expert panel during the live Q&A.
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Owning What You Can Control in Today's Fluid Travel Environment

Direct Travel

As new variants emerge and travel restrictions continue to evolve, how are top travel managers handling the constant change and preparing their travelers to do the same? 2022 presents an opportunity for travel managers to shift focus from a reactive mode to an informed approach that prioritizes taking ownership of the factors they can control. From negotiations with suppliers and communications with travelers to putting the right technologies in place and retraining road warriors, travel managers have more tools at their disposal now for shaping the future of their travel programs
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