Comparing Europe & the Caribbean

Join us as we discuss the benefits of booking vacations to Europe rather than the Caribbean. We’ll compare everything from beaches to pre-/post-cruise stays, and examine the cultural and educational opportunities that come with a European getaway.
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The future of engaging travelers during the online booking process

In today’s climate of changing travel restrictions and fluid company policies it is more important than ever to be able to guide and communicate with travelers – no matter where that travel is booked. FCM has partnered with corporate travel startup, Shep, to help do just that. In this webinar, we take a look at Shep Notify can help companies deliver the latest health and safety messages, informing business travelers about their company’s travel restrictions across more than 1,000 different booking sites.
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Industry Webinar - Travel and Hospitality

The travel and hospitality industry occupies a unique place in regard to digitization. Bookings for flights and hotels, as well as subsequent transactions are all migrating to a fully digital experience, yet a huge part of the customer experience remains connected to physical locations and face-to-face interaction.
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Outrigger Hotels and Oracle Hospitality – Keeping Pace with the New Hotel Landscape

Jeff Wagoner, CEO of Outrigger Hotels and Resorts, along with Laura Cain, VP, Strategy and Solutions Management, Oracle Hospitality discuss today's industry issues, new technology innovations, and the future of the hospitality industry. We have been through quite a challenging time with the impact of COVID still being felt in different areas of the globe.
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Understanding the traveler of now


Historically, air shopping has always been about providing the lowest fare in any given market. However, traveler demands are changing.While competing on price is still important, today’s travelers now expect choice as well as value they want to personalize their flight with the options that are important to them.That’s why it’s important for airlines to merchandise ancillaries and branded fares across all channels, making it easy for travelers and their travel agents to access the options they desire most.
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