Digital health passports for business travel

Digital health passports
  • What are Digital Health Passes (DHPs) and how do they work?
  • Is there a single global standard for DHPs?
  • Are organizations required to provide DHPs for their travelers?
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Virtual Reality Trends in the Travel Industry


For nearly three decades in travel industry sales and marketing, which have included publishing, trade shows, video streaming and corporate trade. John C. Graham turns his multi-faceted expertise to a powerful new force, namely Virtual Reality Media. The goal at Perillo Travel VR, as Virtual Reality Video has become mainstream media, is to make it available to all categories of travel suppliers.
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5 Key Trends in Tourism and Destination Marketing


Marketing destinations and tourism attractions require a unique combination of content marketing, digital advertising, social media, and email marketing. In this webinar, JB Media Institute co-founders and lead instructors Justin Belleme and Sarah Benoit will share five key trends to better market your business or organization, including growth and expansion of Instagram advertising, the increased importance of diversifying your video production strategy, and the power of Google grants to drive free traffic for organizations like museums and historic attractions. Register for our webinar to learn more about these three trends and to uncover the final two.
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2023 POS Software Trends Report: Leveraging Data & Analytics

Restaurant POS purchasing plans for 2023 Business drivers impacting POS upgrades The hottest features and functionalities How POS data is being leveraged for analytics
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The Journey Towards Sustainable Business Travel

There are few more urgent priorities for corporates right now than cutting their carbon emissions and, for many, that means targeting business travel as part of a wider mitigation strategy. Following the recent publication of BTN Europe’s Journey Towards Sustainable Business Travel report, join us to learn about the most effective steps organisations can take to reduce the environmental impact of their business travel activity. From travel reduction tactics and the pros and cons of carbon offsetting and sustainable aviation fuel, to implementing internal carbon taxes and budgets, join us to learn from the experts – no matter where you are on your own sustainable business travel journey.
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