Discover Egypt in 2019 with Insight Vacations

Learn about the Great Pyramids of Giza and ancient temples, tombs and treasures that line the vast River Nile and have been attracting visitors to Egypt for over 4,000 years. Although the pyramids have come to symbolize this exotic destination, they’re just a small portion of what this timeless land has to offer. Watch the sun rise on Mount Sinai, spend time in the colorful capital of Cairo, visit the Valley of the Kings where Tutankhamun’s tomb was found, explore the beaches of the Red Sea Coast, and get to know Egypt’s friendly people. When you travel with Insight Vacations, we show you the insights, not just the sights.
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Discover Peru’s Chachapoyas Culture

Adventure Travel Trade Association

Over the course of ATTA’s next two destination showcase webinars, we invite you to learn about the variety of experiences in the Amazonas and Ancash regions of Peru, both explored in depth during AdventureWeek Peru in April.Beyond Peru’s most popular attractions lies a country bursting with unexplored regions waiting to be revealed. The first of two webinars will take you to an untouched region that was hiding one of the greatest cultures before of the Incas: The Chachapoyas. Join us to understand the wisdom of these great ancestors and why they chose this nature lover’s dream as a place to settle. Discover a land of cloud forests surrounded by imposing waterfalls and vast wildlife. Accessible to families and well suited for soft adventure, this region of northern Peru offers a balance of outdoor activity, cultural immersion, and historical admiration.
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Indonesia Adventure Cruise Famil

United States Tour Operators Association

Join Western Canada's PGM, Rino Falvo, on this mandatory webinar to learn ALL about the Intrepid Groups' FAM destination of Indonesia on an Adventure Cruise! How can you score a spot? Listen and find out!
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The Future of Hospitality Technology

Dish Business

How guests & owners can benefit from technological innovation Smart Hotels of the Future As hotel operators seek technology solutions to improve and elevate the in-room entertainment experience, what things should they consider? What are the tech investments owners can make today to further improve their platforms?
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Tax Planning and Guidance for Business Travel and Entertainment Deductions


Gain a better understanding of deductions allowed under the federal tax code and save your company money. Learn the specifics of documenting business travel, meals and entertainment expense to ensure you can take full advantage of the deduction allowed under the federal tax code. Ensure that your records will stand the test of a tax audit. Fine tune your understanding of when an employee's meal is 100% deductible and when it is only 50% deductible. Understand when foreign travel is deductible and the limitations on personal travel and entertainment mixed with business travel and entertainment
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