Effective Use of Travel and Entertainment Expenses

When it comes to business travel and entertainment, it is important for employees to understand the expectations of the business when they are traveling on behalf of the business. Businesses often have to spend a significant amount of money cultivating new business relationships and maintaining current business relationships, thus, the need for entertainment and travel expenses. The general rule is that expenses incurred to earn a profit are deductible in the computation of business income.
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What can we find out by tracking tourists - VTIC Webinar Series

Victoria Tourism Industry Council

Martin Anderson of Tourism Research Technology presents Gulliver, the real time tourist tracking platform that is set to change the way you think gathering and analysing data on tourist behaviour. This webinar covers: - How real-time tracking stacks up against paper-based surveys - What influences tourist behaviour while they are in your region - A sneak peek at a some very new data from a recent project
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Going Global: Trends in Travel Management


As more companies expand the footprint of managed travel programs to new countries and regions—or refine existing initiatives--what policies, technology, communication strategies and practices should they consider?Listen as travel management professionals share the latest trends and watch words on policies, local practices, technology and new developments during this 60-minute BTN Group thought-leadership webinar, sponsored by Travelport. Ask your own questions during the live Q&A.
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The Hottest Caribbean Destination: The Cayman Islands

Cayman Islands Department of Tourism

Join the Cayman Islands Department of Tourism for an informative session on what’s new in the destination, how we continue to see record growth with air arrivals and why your clients would enjoy Cayman. The webinar will feature events, product and lift updates, and an overview of the Cayman Rewards program
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How to Inflation-Proof Your Travel Program

Demand for corporate travel is continually rising, but so too are prices. Companies are finding a great need to be on the road, often for new purposes, but finance departments are sounding alarms, or even clamping down on budgets. Although inflation is pushing up rates and causing travel spend to balloon, there are several things companies can do to tamp down on unnecessarily high expenditure, and ensure they are getting the most out of work trips.
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