Experience Macao Webinar

Macao Government Tourism Office markets Macao internationally. Macao is the epicentre of glitz and glamour in the eastern part of the world. This truly world-class city has a lot to offer to Indian travellers – from a rich culture and buzzing nightlife to delectable cuisine and adventure sports. Macao presents a unique blend of Cantonese culture juxtaposed with elements of European heritage. Macao has a beautiful hybrid culture of Asia and Europe that is ingrained in all aspects of life. This culture is the very reason that Macao offers unique experiences you cannot find anywhere else in the world. Experience Macao Webinar is scheduled for 11th December 2018. The webinar will introduce audience to a gamut of things and places to Experience Macao your own style.
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Step up your savings and traveler satisfaction


The question, Did you enjoy your trip? may not be top of mind for senior finance and procurement managers, but it should. Traveler satisfaction is often overlooked in a travel program when it comes to savings, even though it plays a striking, if indirect, role in business outcomes.With the pressure of creating savings within travel, procurement leaders often default to tightening policies which lead to unhappy travelers.
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Keen to get down to Australia?

Travel Weekly

Join Tourism Australia Down Under this October for Corroboree West 2019! Experience five extraordinary days in Perth followed by an incredible fam trip across Australia. Learn why there's nothing like experiencing the country first-hand, plus join for a chance to win one of three cute quokkas and a case of premium Western Australia wine. Don't miss out on this exclusive opportunity to learn more.
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Recovery Insights: Travel Check-In


Covid-19 hit travel hard with stay-at-home orders and closed borders. Yet, despite many remaining challenges, there are already signs of recovery across regions.As markets begin relaxing restrictions on movement, businesses have an opportunity to re-engage consumers and reinvent the travel experience. During this event, travel industry experts will discuss insights from the new Mastercard Recovery Insights report Travel Check-In and their strategies for evolving in the current environment.Join the discussion to learn how the global pandemic is affecting the travel industry and how businesses are innovating to match changing consumer behaviors.
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Keeping your travelers safe with BCD Alert

To help travel and security managers deal with this daunting responsibility, BCD Travel launched BCD Alert. Our newly released mobile app allows you to keep your travelers safe and informed. Anytime. Anywhere. View the recording of our online event to learn more about BCD Alert and how it can be a valuable addition to your travel program.
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