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Market Logic Software

Euromonitor’s Head of Travel & Tourism Research shared the latest trends facing the Travel & Hospitality industry and how to harness digital disruption for success. Market Logic then showed smart ways AI can help you to stay on top of it all.
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RDU passengers can now confirm their identities with eyes or fingers.


From the Gold Coast to the Cape of Good Hope: New United service backed by state-of-the-art information technology

Learn about expanded nonstop service to stunning costal views and the ultimate adventure destination of Cape Town, South Africa Discover why United selected Brisbane for its newest dot on the route map across the Pacific. See the luxury features of flying premium cabin between the U.S. and Amman, Jordan. Find out how United helps smooth the travel journey through information technology.
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Queensland – Australia’s Sunshine State


Join Goway and Tourism and Events Queensland for a webinar on all things Queensland. Made up of 14 unique and captivating destinations for you to explore, Queensland truly is like no other place on earth. From seemingly endless coastlines to the great expanses of the outback, the world famous Great Barrier Reef and our array of luscious rainforests, Queensland is a giant living and breathing postcard, waiting to be explored!
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The Service Evolution – Keeping Ahead of Changing Travel Needs

What would the service expectations of your business travel programme look like if you were creating them from scratch today? The needs of business travellers have evolved, and a more personalized experience has never been more relevant. The way we work has changed. Hybrid and remote work is here to stay and our expectations of tech are higher than ever. However, with the challenges and complexities the global travel industry faces, delivering trust, confidence and excitement in a business travel program remains essential.
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How APIs can benefit your travel brand


We brought together experts from TIBCO Mashery, Air France-KLM and IATA to discuss the rise of APIs and how brands are already improving their distribution utilizing them.
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