Five reasons to unify your Travel and Expense management technology

When you travel for business you inevitably incur expenses that need to be reclaimed. It’s an integral part of business travel. But often, these processes are managed completely independent of each other. Considering expenses as part of the overall process of business travel can help to improve both traveller satisfaction and also benefit the company by improving processes, compliance and productivity.
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Changing Digital Landscape of Travel and How Co-Ops Can Keep Up


Join Sojern and eTourism for the "Changing Digital Landscape of Travel and How Co-Ops Can Keep Up" webinar to find out what DMOs should look like in the future. Sojern's State of the Industry is the most comprehensive research done on travel marketers to date. This webinar will dive into how the findings impact those of us in tourism.
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6 Ways to Save Money on Business Travel


While corporations have intensified the focus on traveler satisfaction in managed travel programs, savings remains a top priority. What are the best ways to drive savings in managed travel and what are some of the innovative new practices to stretch travel dollars? Listen as travel managers and an industry consultant share their tips during this 60-minute BTN Group thought-leadership webinar, sponsored by TripActions.
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3 reasons why you need managed travel


Curious about the benefits of moving to a managed travel program? Moderately managed travel programs can cut 10-12 percent of travel costs and strongly managed programs can save 20 percent or more. In this webinar, we discuss how you can save time and money and keep your employees safe and happy by partnering with a travel management company.
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Effective Use of Travel and Entertainment Expenses


When it comes to business travel and entertainment, it is important for employees to understand the expectations of the business when they are traveling on behalf of the business. Businesses often have to spend a significant amount of money cultivating new business relationships and maintaining current business relationships, thus, the need for entertainment and travel expenses. The general rule is that expenses incurred to earn a profit are deductible in the computation of business income.
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