Flight Booking 2.0: The Next Generation Business Travel Experience

With new industry developments such as Next Generation Storefront (NGS) and New Distribution Capability (NDC), business travelers are finally getting the booking experience in corporate travel programs that they see directly on airline and other e-commerce websites. Corporate travel is now transforming to reflect the innovation, diverse choice and flexibility that airlines offer and travelers expect.
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Opening up a new world of modern retailing in travel


The travel industry is on the cusp of a significant digital transformation. One that is making the travel shopping experience more modern and fit to the needs of today’s consumer. One that will rebuild travel.What role will technologies like NDC play in this transformation? Should we accelerate, start or stop NDC?And now that the foundation of NDC has been laid, what’s next?In this webinar, you'll hear from some of the world's most innovative travel companies from across the globe and where they stand on the debate of NDC and how the travel distribution landscape is changing.
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Fast insights for travel and hospitality

Market Logic Software

Euromonitor’s Head of Travel & Tourism Research shared the latest trends facing the Travel & Hospitality industry and how to harness digital disruption for success. Market Logic then showed smart ways AI can help you to stay on top of it all.
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Chinese Outbound Tourism – 2018 in Review and What’s Coming in 2019


Catch up on the trends that defined Chinese outbound tourism in 2018, including consumer behavior, digital marketing, and the Chinese travel industry. In the first 2019 edition of Dragon Trail’s monthly webinar series, we’re joined by Michael Jones from Chinese travel-focused PR company Create Consulting. Together, we’ll look back at the biggest developments in Chinese tourism and travel marketing over the past year, and discuss what travel marketers should be ready for in 2019.
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How to Attract Israeli Tourists to your Destination

WishTrip Enterprise

The webinar is entitled 'How to Attract Israeli Tourists to your Destination.' Israelisrepresents a highly-prized category of quality travellers.
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