How to increase tour bookings 2019

In our popular 2019 Travel Trends Report, we found that while consumer preferences continue to evolve, so do their travel booking habits for tours and activities.With data gathered from bookings processed via TrekkSoft, and qualitative survey responses gathered from tour companies around the world, we'll show you when and where your customers will book their next trip.As will all TrekkSoft webinars, you'll leave with practical tips and ideas on how to be present where your customers are, and what you can do to gear up for a successful 2019.
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Reimagining communication in the travel and hospitality industry

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, brands had to face many changes in travel industry requirements. Travel and hospitality brands had to become more flexible, resilient, and empathetic than ever before. Between a rapid transition to work-from-home environments and managing unprecedented contact volumes, there’s a lot to consider. Learn how top travel brands are using AI-powered messaging to manage queues, issue vouchers, and plan for the future — all while maintaining the customer experience.
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Destination Germany Specialist


The Germany Specialist Program is designed to help sell destination Germany more effectively to their customers, understand the varied regions and touristic offerings in Germany and offer different products based on the needs of different customers. Explore Germany through four informative modules and learn about the incredible array of things to do, vibrant hidden gems and diversity of the destination itself.
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Flight Booking 2.0: The Next Generation Business Travel Experience


With new industry developments such as Next Generation Storefront (NGS) and New Distribution Capability (NDC), business travelers are finally getting the booking experience in corporate travel programs that they see directly on airline and other e-commerce websites. Corporate travel is now transforming to reflect the innovation, diverse choice and flexibility that airlines offer and travelers expect.
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CCRA Travel Agency Training : Presenting Task


Join CCRA's Margie Jordan and Tammy Levent as they introduce you to the Travel Agent Success Kit, better known as TASK - an amazing line of products developed to help travel agents take their business to the next level.
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