How to increase tour bookings 2019


In our popular 2019 Travel Trends Report, we found that while consumer preferences continue to evolve, so do their travel booking habits for tours and activities.With data gathered from bookings processed via TrekkSoft, and qualitative survey responses gathered from tour companies around the world, we'll show you when and where your customers will book their next trip.As will all TrekkSoft webinars, you'll leave with practical tips and ideas on how to be present where your customers are, and what you can do to gear up for a successful 2019.
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We’ve been pushing the message that Jersey is a great place to visit. Tourism is a vital industry that brings growth and benefits to our island community.


Ancient Treasures & Modern Wonders: Discover China like never before!


Join China National Tourist Office to learn why China is booming and what the consumer is looking for when travelling to this destination. We will explore lifestyles such as adventure, luxury and wellness. Learn how to help grow your business and your profits with more sales to China.
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How is social media changing hospitality as we know it?

How brands / platforms / operators are shifting the way in which they communicate through social media The rise of new social media channels e.g. Clubhouse that are connecting hospitality professionals How the industry can be on top of the latest trends to be as accessible as possible How businesses can stand out in the social media savvy generation The rise of hospitality “influencers” and their role in the growth of the short-term rental industry
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App and Coming: how to create your ideal hotel tech stack

Interested in starting or growing your hotel tech stack but don’t know where to start?SiteMinder invited our partners OpenKey, UpStay, and GuestTouch to give examples of how hoteliers today can build their tech stack based on their individual business needs. Watch the recording to see us bust common myths about technology and hotels and understand how you can increase revenue while reducing staff workload.
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Vacations By Rail


Enjoy an overview of these historic railways and Vacations By Rail’s new and popular autumn rail trips in the USA and Canada. This webinar will inspire new fall vacation ideas and give you the knowledge and tools to sell rail vacations with confidence and make this unique travel style a part of your business.
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