How To Sell Africa with Goway

From spectacular scenery, wonderful wildlife, rich history and culture and beautiful beaches, the African continent truly offers something to suit all your clients’ needs. Join David Kennedy Gale as he shares his expert insight into popular areas, and tips on how to position Africa to your client creating great value propositions and once in a lifetime experiences.
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Understanding the traveler of now


Historically, air shopping has always been about providing the lowest fare in any given market. However, traveler demands are changing.While competing on price is still important, today’s travelers now expect choice as well as value they want to personalize their flight with the options that are important to them.That’s why it’s important for airlines to merchandise ancillaries and branded fares across all channels, making it easy for travelers and their travel agents to access the options they desire most.
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How to choose the best travel and expense solution for your business


There are so many different options to choose from, and you need to balance the needs of all employees, while also doing what’s best for the business.And as your company grows, it’s imperative to properly manage this process of travel booking and expense management before, during, and after a trip.So, where do you even start? This webinar will help make the decision process easier for you!
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The Hard Reboot: Tech Enabling the Travel Recovery

Emerging technologies are bringing game-changing capabilities to reinvent the travel & tourism industry and build more resilience to ensure business continuity in the industry. Meanwhile, leaders need to understand and embrace the changes needed for the adoption of such technologies and focus on sustainability in their organisations. Speakers from Expedia, Euromonitor, Visa, Hotelbeds and other organisations will present and discuss the latest innovations in travel technology across the travel journey:
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Music. Travel. Sustainability. The New Rhythm of Business Travel

Travel perk

How the music industry will achieve the 2030 sustainability goals and what every business can learn from that; Artist-led, science-backed, and results-oriented action points for greener and safer travel; How the industry prepares for the return of travel; What can we pass down to the next generation of artists.
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