How tour operators and attractions can appeal to luxury travellers

Would you like to add a luxury offering to your tour products, but are unsure how you can appeal to the Iuxury market? Does your attraction already give people an upmarket option, but it’s just not resonating? Download this webinar to find out how to get luxury right.
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How to Attract Israeli Tourists to your Destination

WishTrip Enterprise

The webinar is entitled 'How to Attract Israeli Tourists to your Destination.' Israelisrepresents a highly-prized category of quality travellers.
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Automating Travel and Expense Management for 2019

Good Travel Management

Good Travel Management has partnered with Fyle for this webinar, where you will learn:The benefits of automating Travel and Expense. How to create a business travel policy? How to eliminate paper receipts. How to make it easy for your employees to submit all their expenses on time.
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The Goibibo way: Helping millions travel the world

Real-time analytics for real user engagement Agenda: The importance of Anomaly Detection in live streaming data Revenue management at scale with dynamic pricing How to use AI for personalization to rock user engagement How to detect online fraud before it impacts your bottom-line The road ahead for streaming data analytics
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The Hospitality Workforce Webinar


The last 18 months have been devastating for the hospitality industry and its workforce, as a result of the impact of the pandemic and the UK exiting the European Union. This potent combination has led to swathes of job losses, staffing shortages and a fundamental shift in the make-up of the sector’s workforce.Using our Analytics database that pools insight from more than 700 companies across the restaurant, QSR, pub, bar and hotel sectors, we’re hosting a webinar with senior figures from across the hospitality industry, to shine a light on our data, highlight the key challenges and identify how the sector is recovering from the pandemic.Take a deep dive into the state of the workforce and find out how you, as an operator, can tackle the challenge.
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