How Travelbots are shaping the future of the traveller experience

We discuss how travelbots can improve your customer experience while reducing costs, as well as how chat bots are currently being used in the travel industry.
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Why Environmental Sustainability is becoming Big for Business in 2022

Background to corporate sustainability Growth of corporate climate strategy and net-zero targets How climate strategies can help to reduce costs Increase business opportunities/client retention and increase access to capital How to make your travel policy greener Is micro-mobility a viable option for employee travel? What does this mean for the company car?
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Three Travel Management Trends Driving Change in 2023

Hear from industry experts as they explore three key areas where business travel can be used to drive positive change in the year ahead by: Supporting travelers and employees through changing economic times. Embracing a distributed workforce. Leading your organization on environmental, social, and governance initiatives with an emphasis on sustainability.
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Connecting Advisors & Consumers: ALGV’s Ask a Travel Advisor

When travelers ask a travel advisor, they book with a travel advisor. That’s the logic behind the new Ask a Travel Advisor movement from ALG Vacations®. By creating a place where clients can have their vacation questions answered in real time by expert advisors, ALGV is helping travel advisors widen their prospects and boost their business.
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Visibility, Connectivity and Sustainability in the Next Era of Travel


As we quickly move into this next era of travel, travel managers must have answers ready for several key questions. Do you have visibility into your travel and spend management? Do you have the right tools, technologies and partners in place that ensure you have a seamless end to end travel, payment and expense process? And finally, as your travellers get back on the road, are you empowering them to make smart, sustainable travel choices?
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