Loyalty in Travel - The Changing Paradigm

EyeforTravel webinar with speakers from Wyndham and Expedia where they discuss increasing customer loyalty through effortless experiences.
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The hotel guest of the future


The hospitality industry is transforming at a record pace, offering new opportunities and experiences for travelers and forward-thinking companies alike to capitalize on and thrive for decades to come.To further understand the drivers of change in hospitality, we partnered with Cornell University and InterContinental Hotels Group to conduct an exclusive study.
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What Happens Next? Travel and Tourism Marketing after Lockdown


As lockdowns begin to lift across several regions and provinces in Canada, what will the return to tourism look like? In this webinar, we discuss strategic marketing and what happens next for the travel and tourism industry.
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Corporate Travel Risk Management

While many companies scrambled to locate and help their travelers get home safely, the vast majority were simply unable to respond to all traveler needs because a significant number booked travel outside of the company’s travel agency.The result is a deficiency in the duty of care provided to travelers, frustration, and potential legal exposure.
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Expanding the travel blogger toolbox for 2019

Travel Massive

Travel blogging is no longer as simple as opening a free website and writing down some funny words. Travel bloggers and content creators are expected to be wordsmiths, marketing wizards, community managers and savvy business folk. And that's just the start of the skills that you need to be a successful blogger.
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