Luxury Trends for Chinese Travelers

Dragon Trail Interactive

What are the biggest luxury trends for Chinese outbound tourism, and how do you market travel destinations and businesses to HNWI Chinese tourists? In Dragon Trail’s November webinar, learn about the destinations and travel experiences that are most appealing for China’s high-end travelers, how they book their travel, and the best channels and strategies for attracting this coveted market segment.
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Hospitality Wi-Fi | Challenges & Best Practices

We’ve all been to a hotel with poor performing Wi-Fi and know the frustrations that come with it. And we’re not alone – over 80% of people consider Internet Access the most important hotel amenity they look for. That is significant.
Watch Now Webinar: A Path to Business Recovery in a Post-Covid World

Following the COVID-19 outbreak, finance leaders now have an important opportunity to help stabilize and begin the recovery process for their business. Driving business recovery in today’s economy starts with focusing on essential revenue-generating activities--including business travel. View this discussion hosted by an
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Travel Intelligence: Utilizing data to enhance journeys and shape experiences


To win in the online travel space, agencies must show customers that they are valued and treat them personally.This all starts with the right data.With Travelport’s data capabilities you can gather insights from across the traveler lifecycle and deliver a relevant, personalized service that matches the individual's needs and desires.Tune in to learn about Travelport’s data vision and how to use data to shape your customer engagements and drive business growth.
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Online Bookings Research

Travel Tripper

At the beginning of this year, the hotel industry became rich with new traveler research and insights. In three distinct traveler studies, we uncovered: 1) the top sites where travelers search for and book hotels, 2) what travelers see and click on when searching for hotels, and 3) how travelers view and interact with hotel websites.In this 1-hour webinar, attendees will learn more about these traveler behaviors and discover ways to implement smarter hotel marketing as a result. Researchers at TrustYou, Fuel Travel, and Travel Tripper will discuss
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