Quebec Region Webinar

Canada is beautiful destination that can be visited year-round and is well known for its scenic beauty, wilderness, people and their culture. Canada is vast and cannot be completed in a single visit; we have designed a series of webinars to provide a unique platform for tour operators to create a multitude of itineraries for longer duration, multiple journeys and thus increased income opportunities.
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Managing the New Normal: How Travel Will Look in 2022 and Beyond

A look back at our 2021 webinar on the same topic to see how our predictions fared and how things have changed , How everyday travel will look after Covid-19; how the travel industry is adapting its policies; What are the restrictions and procedures we need to adhere to in order to travel safely and restart the flow of the travel industry.
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Artificial intelligence in business travel


Transformation is a catalyst for growth in any industry. With this evolution of ideas and processes comes intrigue, education, adaptation and, inevitably, some resistance. It’s becoming increasingly evident that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is playing a progressively impactful role in the evolution of business travel. From enabling a plethora of contextual and transactional algorithms to curating relevant responses and solutions, AI has the potential to revolutionize and elevate the business travel industry.
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How to Set Up and Manage a Travel Program


This program will describe the travel agency marketplace and guide listeners through the process of selecting and contracting with an agency. This OnDemand Webiner will cover how to leverage that relationship to identify, secure, and support other preferred supplier relationships. This program will offer a valuable perspective, especially to non-travel specialists, on how to create a successful travel management partnership.
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More Ways for Your Clients to Explore National Parks

Travel Weekly

Xanterra’s legendary hospitality began in the national parks over 140 years ago. In this webinar, discover all the ways your clients can experience our nation’s iconic national parks through the Xanterra Travel Collection portfolio of brands. Provide your clients the best experience in the national parks.
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