Return to Travel – Balancing the Needs of Your Travelers with Cost Savings

Return to Travel – Balancing
As the world slowly recovers, companies are looking for safer, easier and more cost-effective ways to manage all their business travel needs, while still giving travelers more flexibility as their preferences shift. Register now for this BTN Group In the Know webinar, with content sponsored and developed by for Business as the panel discusses ways that companies are adapting to an ever-changing travel landscape
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Traveler-Driven Program and Policy Adjustments to Consider in the Next Era of Travel

Between the pandemic and economic turbulence, the past two years have caused a seismic shift in the classic types of business travelers. Pre-pandemic road warriors may be traveling less, while remote workers gathering for team meetings have created an entirely new category of travelers. These and other shifts require travel managers to take a more nuanced look at who’s traveling and how they’re spending, then adjust policy to fit these new or changed traveler types.
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Summer Escapes: Plan your Clients’ Next Adventure

Travel Weekly, TravelAge West and leading destinations and travel suppliers will be live in the virtual studios to help you plan getaways for your clients this summer travel season! Incredible destinations and products throughout the U.S. and beyond that are ready to welcome your clients with adventures, entertainment, outdoor activities, music, food, and culture. Find out what makes their products unique, how they are managing the return of travel, what resources they offer to travel advisors and more.
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Intellectual Property: Tourism and Cultural Heritage

European IPR Helpdesk

This webinar, carried out in collaboration with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and “EUROPETOUR–Vocational Training in Cultural Tourism for European Heritage” focusses on the importance that the use of certain Intellectual Property tools and strategies may play when it comes to development of tourism industries. Specifically, this might be an important issue for the cultural tourism sector. How can producers and service providers benefit from the correct management of IP rights, and what advantages do the very same rights grant to consumers, or tourists?
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Secrets of Selling to the Affluent Traveler


Luxury travel is one of the fastest growing segments in the industry. Luxury cruise lines are investing billions of dollars to meet demand. By 2020, luxury cruise inventory will have more than doubled since 2016 and again by 2025. It’s not just cruises. Luxury niche and adventure tour companies are experiencing similar growth.
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