Being sick abroad, we’ve all been there... In this second webinar, Stephanie Huff (author of the blog The Pink Backpack), Arianne Méthot (Coordinator of the Youth Travel Foundation) and Marie-Gil Fabris (Marketing Coordinator at HI Canada) give you tips to remain in good physical and mental health, no matter the destination!
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Five reasons to unify your Travel and Expense management technology


When you travel for business you inevitably incur expenses that need to be reclaimed. It’s an integral part of business travel. But often, these processes are managed completely independent of each other. Considering expenses as part of the overall process of business travel can help to improve both traveller satisfaction and also benefit the company by improving processes, compliance and productivity.
Watch Now Webinar: A Path to Business Recovery in a Post-Covid World

Following the COVID-19 outbreak, finance leaders now have an important opportunity to help stabilize and begin the recovery process for their business. Driving business recovery in today’s economy starts with focusing on essential revenue-generating activities--including business travel. View this discussion hosted by an
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Keen to get down to Australia?

Travel Weekly

Join Tourism Australia Down Under this October for Corroboree West 2019! Experience five extraordinary days in Perth followed by an incredible fam trip across Australia. Learn why there's nothing like experiencing the country first-hand, plus join for a chance to win one of three cute quokkas and a case of premium Western Australia wine. Don't miss out on this exclusive opportunity to learn more.
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Fast insights for travel and hospitality

Market Logic Software

Euromonitor’s Head of Travel & Tourism Research shared the latest trends facing the Travel & Hospitality industry and how to harness digital disruption for success. Market Logic then showed smart ways AI can help you to stay on top of it all.
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