Tackle Disruption in the Travel Industry


Join Ipsos’ John Flesta and other expert panelists as they share their thoughts on emerging trends and this year’s outlook for the travel industry.
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Many travelers tell us that the air travel industry feels vast and complicated; that it’s hard to feel informed, let alone empowered about making the right choice when navigating the open skies.


The Debrief: State of the Travel Industry

U.S. Travel Association

U.S. Travel President and CEO Roger Dow and Senior Vice President of Research David Huether provided a recap of 2018's performance, the economic outlook for our industry in 2019, and U.S. Travel's priorities for the year ahead.
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Going Global: Trends in Travel Management


As more companies expand the footprint of managed travel programs to new countries and regions—or refine existing initiatives--what policies, technology, communication strategies and practices should they consider?Listen as travel management professionals share the latest trends and watch words on policies, local practices, technology and new developments during this 60-minute BTN Group thought-leadership webinar, sponsored by Travelport. Ask your own questions during the live Q&A.
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Jump on Board: Trends and Opportunities for Boosting Tourism

Lorman Education Services

Are you looking to boost tourism in your community? Increasing tourism to your community can have an incredible impact on your community's economy. Mark Sonder, MM, CSEP, FSO-CS will enter into discussions on tips to outreach and engage your perspective tourists. You will learn how to increase your return on investment and be able to recognize the long-term impact of increasing tourism in your community. You will understand how to leverage the unique cultural asset and natural resources you may be overlooking. Learn tips to help secure tourism funding and the commencement of your market research plan. You will be able to create a sample plan for developing productive and competitive businesses.
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The Future of Travel: When Travel Meets Technology


We will demonstrate that Expedia Group is a fast-moving, dynamic organization, and how we stay ahead of the technology curve to connect people, through travel, and to bring the world within reach. We will share our perspectives on how to stay competitively focussed, in this fast-moving age of technology developments, and how this relates to the graduates we hire and the work they are involved in.
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