The Chatbot Revolution in Tourism

Chatbots are predicted to soon be the app and email killer. They’re faster to develop than a mobile app and allow you to immediate access a built in fanbase such as those on Facebook. Moreover, consumers indicate they far prefer an SMS-style chat interface over other forms of communications, especially email.In this one-hour webinar, we’ll look at the chatbot revolution coming in travel and tourism and teach you how to take advantage of it in your marketing plans.
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Intellectual Property: Tourism and Cultural Heritage

European IPR Helpdesk

This webinar, carried out in collaboration with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and “EUROPETOUR–Vocational Training in Cultural Tourism for European Heritage” focusses on the importance that the use of certain Intellectual Property tools and strategies may play when it comes to development of tourism industries. Specifically, this might be an important issue for the cultural tourism sector. How can producers and service providers benefit from the correct management of IP rights, and what advantages do the very same rights grant to consumers, or tourists?
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Travel & Tourism Panel: Localization Strategies & Processes


In this panel webinar, experts are fielding questions about the evolving requirements for localization in the travel and tourism sector and the strategies that are currently working well for their teams. The context for this discussion is the travel and tourism industry itself, where deadlines are often tight, content to be localized is voluminous due to content marketing needs, and ideas and strategies in content marketing are continuously changing, requiring adaptations from localization teams along the way.
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how to launch your purposeful travel program

The volume and type of business travel that takes place in the future will be very different as organizations consider factors like their employees’ willingness to travel and sustainability. Taking a purpose-led approach allows companies to retain the valuable benefits of business travel and balance the needs of the environment and employees.
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Fondation Tourisme Jeunesse

YTF’s very first webinar ever! In this session, Justine Abigail Yu (former Communication & Marketing Director of Operation Groundswell), Arianne Méthot (Coordinator of the Youth Travel Foundation) and Marie-Gil Fabris (Marketing Coordinator at HI Canada) discuss the dos and don’ts of backpacking so you can be an all-star traveller on your next trip.
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