The Journey Towards Sustainable Business Travel

The Journey Towards Sustainable
There are few more urgent priorities for corporates right now than cutting their carbon emissions and, for many, that means targeting business travel as part of a wider mitigation strategy. Following the recent publication of BTN Europe’s Journey Towards Sustainable Business Travel report, join us to learn about the most effective steps organisations can take to reduce the environmental impact of their business travel activity. From travel reduction tactics and the pros and cons of carbon offsetting and sustainable aviation fuel, to implementing internal carbon taxes and budgets, join us to learn from the experts – no matter where you are on your own sustainable business travel journey.
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Indonesia Adventure Cruise Famil

United States Tour Operators Association

Join Western Canada's PGM, Rino Falvo, on this mandatory webinar to learn ALL about the Intrepid Groups' FAM destination of Indonesia on an Adventure Cruise! How can you score a spot? Listen and find out!
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Well-being in the Workplace, As We Travel and When We Meet Again

BCD Travel

As we start to reopen our offices and move from virtual to hybrid to in person events, it is more important than ever to consider the well-being of both our employees as well as our meeting attendees and travelers. BCD is emphasizing employee care and well-being with an approach that translates to all. Let's help one another focus on what matters most and build confidence in the workplace, as we travel, and when we meet again.This session is hosted in partnership with BCD Travel.
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Discover Greece: Travel Webinar

Yale Alumni Association

Greece is truly one of the cradles of human civilization. Origins of language, medicine, and logic can all be traced to this ancient center of culture. The Greek gods and their epic stories are carved into the country's centers of archaeology, history, and heritage, and are still alive in its cultural imagination.
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Shaping the hotel’s commercial needs post Covid


Shaping the hotel’s commercial needs post Covid Hospiality industry panel by Revenue Forum with industry experts from Oaky, OTA Insight, RateGain, IDeaS, and Demand Calendar.
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