The Role of Social Media Content Across the Travel Buyer Journey

Your visitors love sharing their experiences on social media. And lucky for you, the visuals they share are the most powerful marketing tools at your disposal. They’re more abundant, authentic, and trusted by future visitors, and can influence travelers throughout their planning and purchasing process.
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What Happens Next? Travel and Tourism Marketing after Lockdown


As lockdowns begin to lift across several regions and provinces in Canada, what will the return to tourism look like? In this webinar, we discuss strategic marketing and what happens next for the travel and tourism industry.
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What's Next for Online Booking Tools?

The market for online booking tools may be more confusing than ever—the lines between a traditional travel management company and the online booking tool have blurred, with more TMCs taking a tech-first approach. The concept of a front-facing portal behind which several booking tools can sit has captured attention. And, of course, you still have the option to pick a booking tool relationship separate from your TMC—but should you? And which booking tool is right for your program—an emerging, consumer-looking tool or an established global choice with limited user-appeal?
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Fundamentals of Online Travel Marketing


Today, travelers don’t purchase packages like they once did. We search online, base our decision-making on reviews made from strangers, share experiences – good and bad – on social media, and even buy our airline tickets or make hotel reservations on our smartphone. When it comes to travel marketing, and more specifically online marketing, travel brands often struggle with the endless possibilities, new technologies and emerging social networks. Whether you are a destination, a hotel or B&B, a transportation company, a restaurant, an attraction or perhaps a travel agency or tour operator, it’s certainly a challenge to keep up with the changes and prioritize among the meaningful tactics that will generate the best bang for your buck.
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Blockchain Demystified - How will it change your travel business?


Webinar discussing the potential of blockchain technology in the travel industry with extra speakers from Citizen M, Winding Tree and Cryptocribs
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